Why Geofencing and Geolocation Time Tracking is Trending

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Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite technology is on the rise, as new uses emerge in different sectors. Geofencing and geolocation are the latest time management trends that utilize GPS technology. They can benefit both employers and employees, help companies keep labor costs down, and optimize workforce productivity.

What Are Geofencing and Geolocation Technologies?

Geolocation is defined as the process or technique of using digital information processed via the internet to identify the geographical location of a person or device. With this technology, time management systems can be programmed to take location, date, and time stamps when an employee clocks in or clocks out.

Geofencing uses GPS or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to create a virtual geographic boundary. This enables software to trigger a response when a mobile device (and the person carrying it) enters or leaves an area. The system can be configured to send notifications to employees when they enter or leave the job site to clock in or clock out. Managers can be notified when certain employees arrive at or leave a site. Employees can also be automatically clocked out if they leave a designated geographic boundary.

Geolocation and geofencing technologies allow for automated time reporting. This helps companies ensure that they are receiving the most accurate data possible regarding where and when their employees are on the job.

Benefits of Geofencing and Geolocation Time Tracking

This technology can benefit both businesses and their employees. The virtual perimeter can be customized and set to alert employees to punch in or punch out when they are near the geofenced area, and also to notify managers of any violation.

Geofencing time tracking gives workers accountability and the peace of mind of knowing that their time is being accurately recorded. It can reduce administrative costs and free companies from relying on manual time tracking processes. Automatic time tracking can also minimize disagreements over wages and hours between employers and employees, as both sides have indisputable data, leading to better employee-employer relations.

Time tracking geotechnologies provide flexibility for employees who are working out in the field or submitting time from multiple offices. They improve data visibility and reporting, help companies cut labor costs and provide better data trails for everything from audits, to client billing, to workforce management.

Workforce Management Software with Mobile Time Tracking App

EPAY Systems offers cloud based workforce management software , including a mobile time tracking app with GPS. Our uniquely flexible workforce management solutions are fully integrated in one seamless platform to help you stay in control of your workforce, remain in compliance with labor laws, reduce labor costs, and increase productivity.

Our mobile time tracking app does far more than transform smart phones and tablets into mobile time clocks. If an employee clocks out while not within the designated work area, this is automatically flagged for manager review. Employees can be clocked out automatically when they leave the worksite to help keep time tracking accurate and reduce labor costs.

With geofencing and geotracking features, our mobile time management app helps managers ensure their employees are where they say they are. It is an affordable solution that provides real time visibility for managing time and attendance with a workforce that travels from worksite to worksite.

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