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Top EPAY Workforce Management Features for Manufacturers

February 5, 2020 - minute read

The U.S. manufacturing sector has felt the effects of global economic difficulties, trade wars, and a diminishing workforce in recent years. In fact, this past December, factory employment fell by 12,000. Despite this, 2.5 million positions are estimated to go unfilled by 2028. As a consequence, labor shortages, rampant turnover, and unforgiving production demands on manufacturers have made hourly workforce management and HR compliance an overwhelming challenge.

Luckily, EPAY’s robust, hourly workforce solution includes customizable tools that can help manufacturers overcome these obstacles, plus advanced integration capabilities, so it works with your existing software. Take a look!

How EPAY’s HCM Platform Benefits Manufacturers

EPAY’s seamless Human Capital Management system is the only one with a customizable workforce management system built for the needs of your unique hourly workforce. In particular, your operation will benefit from our:

  • Powerful integration capabilities. Our solution is highly configurable, so we can integrate easily with pre-existing ERPs and other HR-related tools. All elements contributing to the management of your business will be able to communicate with our unifying solution. In addition, you’ll be able to track hours against schedules and employee attendance, reference productivity results by manager, navigate data related to resource allocation, and gain other actionable insights with maximum convenience and speed. Leverage real-time insights into your operation’s assets to keep your lines filled with the proper number of workers, oversee underused resources, and monitor last-minute changes for the best possible cost efficiency using our seamless Human Capital Management system.
  • Paying by piece rate. Depending on how you choose to pay your employees (or depending on the limitations of your current payroll process), paying employees based on the total product they produce could be key to monitoring your overall human capital ROI, while improving operational cost efficiency and guaranteeing fair payroll. To achieving optimum payroll processing for your operation, our Time & Labor module allows you to pay by piece rate, manage complex pay rule configurations, and has in place compliance safeguards to protect against wage and hour litigation.
  • Flexible HR administration. We designed our software with the flexibility to keep up difficult hourly workforce hurdles and as well as the safeguards you need to adapt to last-minute changes. For instance, our system includes overtime alerts and an unlimited number of job codes, so paying your employees for different roles (i.e., split shifts) and various manufacturing lines is simplified. Our full HCM also includes an employee self-service portal for easy benefits administration, use of scheduling tools like shift bidding and swapping, and access to pay summaries. This not only improves transparency, but promotes better communication for enhanced efficiency!
  • Biometrics for optimized time collection. Accurate time collection is a priority for your business. You need real-time, dependable insight into whether you are missing workers on a line, so you can make last minute scheduling changes. With our facial or fingerprint recognition software, you gain instant insight into who is actually showing up for their shifts and who is a liability for your operation. This unprecedented accuracy in comparing actual hours worked will help with analyzing ROI related to job bids, optimized labor tracking, and eliminating costs related to time theft.
  • Analytics for productivity and cost management. Job costing, labor forecasting, and hiring are all challenging areas for most manufacturers. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a platform that can track all your workforce and human capital management metrics? With EPAY’s Analytics and Job-Costing Features, you can see job costing by line, as well as by job, crew, and unit. The more data you have, the more expenses you’ll be able to shift and prioritize.

Introduce EPAY to Your Business

Is your HR software delivering a satisfactory ROI? Is your workforce management software lowering labor costs related to flagrant overtime, scheduling obstacles, and even safety claims? Do you have access to the valuable HR metrics that can help identify and fix wasteful practices? With EPAY, you’ll gain all these features – and the ones mentioned above – and more.

Our flexible payroll engine, applicant tracking solution, and performance management module are also designed to handle the complexities of your manufacturing workforce management needs.

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