Tips for Onboarding During the Post-COVID Era

June 10, 2020 - minute read

Though there is no foreseeable end date to the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers are already facing the challenges of a post-COVID era. That includes resuming operations and recalling employees amidst ongoing uncertainty. As a result, innovative solutions and procedures have become top priorities when searching for ways to reduce risks - especially as they pertain to workforce management and employee health.

As you adjust the infrastructure of your business, onboarding is one area to focus your efforts. Whether you’re welcoming back employees or bringing on new hires, onboarding is sure to be affected in the months ahead. Here are some tips for attaining success!

Virtual Onboarding Solutions

The best thing you can do to ensure safe and successful onboarding for your employees is adopting a virtual onboarding system. Not only does it help facilitate things like social distancing and remote work, but it ensures document filing, training, and other new hire practices are fast and accurate. This helps get your new hires in the field in a fraction of the time- a huge asset given the pressure to normalize and stabilize your operation during this period.

If you haven’t already explored the benefits and cost-savings of this type of solution, check out our Employee Onboarding Calculator.

Other Tips for Successful Onboarding

In order to ensure that you’re doing your due diligence amidst this new landscape, consider these additional tips for onboarding success:

  • Establish if any “in-person” verification or document requirements have changed. Certain onboarding requirements, such as “in-person” requests for Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9), are being federally deferred to better accommodate the needs of employers post-COVID. That said, others still require in-person verifications and quick turn-around, so make sure you review these guidelines for full compliance! Check out our full blog on Form I-9 during Coronavirus for more information.
  • Minimize the need to meet with your new hires or share paperwork. An online onboarding system can help you minimize the need to meet with new hires in-person or exchange paperwork for physical filing. This reduces risks of spreading the virus by upholding social distancing and promotes a one-time, data entry process for benefits enrollment, tax filing, etc. to expedite the process.
  • Communicate to new hires with transparency. Those starting a new job during the COVID-19 pandemic may feel especially uncertain, which makes transparent communication by leadership vital. With that in mind, it can help to create transparent messages about where your business currently stands and what to expect in terms of communication on these issues in the future. The clearer you can be, the better.
  • Create videos or learning modules related to new pandemic standards. Prearranged onboarding plans, task calendars, and video conferencing technology can help streamline your online learning process for new hires from the get-go. Make sure your HR team has worked through a clear crisis plan for managing coronavirus and is educating new hires on everything they need to know with a variety of methods.
  • Conduct an employee survey. Keep learning how to enhance your onboarding process from new hires who have completed the process. Surveys help to ensure employees are learning effectively, get remaining questions answered in a timely fashion, and are helping your process improve for the next new hire.

Employee Onboarding with EPAY Systems

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