Time Clock Software: Benefits of Using EPAY Systems

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Uncover All the Benefits of EPAY Systems’ Time Clock Software


  • Businesses need efficient solutions to track employees’ time and attendance, no matter where they are located.
  • Manual time-tracking methods can be inaccurate, leading to frustrating payroll errors.
  • EPAY Systems’ all-in-one workforce management software includes cloud-based time clock software that adapts to even the most complex needs and compliance requirements. Request a demo to get started!

When it comes to tracking employees’ work hours, there’s no universal solution: every business sector has its unique needs and compliance requirements. That’s why it’s essential to find a time clock software that adapts to the way you work — and not the other way around.

This article delves into the benefits of having time clock software and introduces you to EPAY Systems’ cloud-based employee time and attendance solution.

Let’s get started!

What Is Time Clock Software?

Time clock software is a digital solution designed to track and manage employee work hours. Instead of dealing with punch clocks or manual timekeeping methods, using a time-tracking app allows employees to clock in and out from different locations and devices, as well as record breaks, overtime, or specific work-related activities.

Tracking employee work hours is often a mandatory requirement for businesses to stay legally compliant. But also, it’s key to ensure accurate payroll calculations and to manage your workforce’s productivity.

Time Clock Software’s Benefits

Implementing time clock software offers various benefits, for both employers and employees.

Let’s explore its main advantages:

  • Accuracy. Automated time tracking reduces the likelihood of errors associated with manual timekeeping. That way, you can be sure that employees are being paid correctly for the hours they’ve worked.
  • Efficiency. With time clock software, employees can quickly clock in and out, and managers can easily access and analyze attendance data. This saves your HR team time and resources compared to manual tracking methods.
  • Cost savings. By automating timekeeping and reducing the chances of payroll errors, businesses can save money — especially in industries where accurate labor cost calculations are critical.
  • Compliance. Time clock software helps businesses comply with labor laws and regulations regarding working hours, breaks, and overtime. This reduces the risk of legal issues and penalties associated with non-compliance.
  • Improved productivity. Tracking attendance and working hours can help businesses make informed decisions about scheduling and staffing levels.
  • Remote work management. For organizations with a remote or distributed workforce, time clock software with mobile accessibility allows employees to clock in and out from anywhere.

How Does EPAY’s Time Clock Software Work?

EPAY’s time clock software is designed for companies with a distributed, hourly workforce. If your business has specific compliance requirements to meet and complex pay rules to process payroll — including overtime rules, multiple pay groups, and union contracts — this solution can be a great fit.

With EPAY’s time clock software, businesses can reduce labor costs by up to 5% or more.

You can choose (and combine) a variety of timekeeping options, from biometric time clocks to a mobile app with GPS. That way, you can track your entire workforce and get accurate, real-time data.

Learn How Time Clock Software Can Help Businesses with a Distributed Workforce

EPAY’s Time Clock Software Features

Wondering about the main features of EPAY’s time clock solution? Let’s take a closer look:

  • Flexible pay rules. Numerous work site locations? Different shifts? Complex overtime rules? We’ve got you covered!
  • Labor budgets and job costing. Manage your resources efficiently and understand the costs associated with specific projects or jobs.
  • Employee performance tracking. Define and customize performance metrics based on your unique goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Wage and hour compliance. Accurately record employees’ work hours, breaks, and overtime, avoiding potential errors.
  • Global time tracking. Accommodate multiple time zones and employees across multiple locations. 
  • Accrual calculations. Manage various types of paid time off (PTO) such as vacation, sick leave, and other types of accrued time.
  • Integration with ERP and HR systems. Ensure a smooth and automated flow of data between your HR tools, and seamlessly transfer data for payroll processing.

EPAY’s Time Clock Software Reviews

Businesses using our time clock software solution highlight its ease of use, even for complex timekeeping use cases:

“I love how you can keep track of your hours, trade shifts, and pick-up shifts. You can also keep track of how well you are doing in different fields with the scorecards. It is also easy to request time off. Very easy to clock in and out, and back in and out for lunch”.

Amber C., Customer Service

Our clients value how they can customize the software based on their unique business needs, as well as outstanding customer service: 

“The product is very user-friendly. Excellent product especially when custom-designed to the company’s specific needs/requests. Excellent trainers/customer service.”

Anita L., Application Analyst

Get a Free Demo of Our Time Clock Software

Being able to track time and attendance in real-time is crucial. It helps you stay in control of your workforce, know who’s available, and ensure everyone is being paid accurately.

With EPAY’s cloud-based time clock software, your business can save time while ensuring that employees can easily clock in and out from every location or device. And yet, that’s only ONE of the many things you can achieve with our workforce management solutions.

From processing payroll to managing employee benefits and even tracking applicants during the recruiting process, EPAY has everything you need to manage an hourly, distributed workforce efficiently.

Request a demo today to see how our time clock software can adapt to your business and save you precious time!

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