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Step Up Your Service with EPAY's New Client Management Tools

December 11, 2018 - minute read

When it comes to running a staffing agency, you have a million things to worry about and having to deal with a difficult Workforce Management platform shouldn’t be one of them. EPAY Systems has just released more amazing features to help you run your staffing firm smoothly and efficiently:

  • Manage Multiple Clients Easily
  • Add New Clients Quickly
  • Set-up Unique Client Pay Rules
  • Allow Client Time Sheet Approval
  • Schedule by Proximity and Qualification

Manage Multiple Clients Easily

client management 1No matter if you have a small staffing agency or a large one, managing multiple clients’ pay rules and schedules can get tricky. With EPAY’s newest feature, you can easily log into one account and jump from one client to the next – keeping each client’s information, pay rules, and schedules completely siloed but easy for you to manage. *(Note: implementation fee may apply)

Add New Clients Quickly

Like most staffing agencies, you’re likely always adding new clients – which can be a pain. EPAY now lets you add clients as quickly as you can get them. And the best part – you can set them up yourself! No need to call in and wait for customer support to guide you through setting clients up. With pre-populated settings coming from your master setup, you can add a new client within minutes.

Set-up Unique Client Pay Rules

client management 2Each of your clients is unique and they likely have their own set of pay rules. Now, creating these pay rules is a breeze, since you’ll have individual settings for each of your clients--making it easy for you to manage and ensuring you’re complying with all of your client’s requirements. 


Allow Client Time Sheet Approval

Here’s a big one – you now have the option to either have your clients approve or verify your employees’ hours. If you want them to approve the hours, they’ll get an email notification that they need to approve the hours before employees get paid. Alternatively, if you just want to give them the notification of hours worked, without holding up payment to your employees, you can use the ‘verify hours’ function. EPAY allows you to be flexible when it comes to client time sheet approval – making you even more efficient.  

Schedule by Proximity and Qualification

Scheduling employees so the right people are at the right location at the right time can take a lot of coordination, and software doesn’t always make it easy for you. With EPAY’s scheduling software, you can schedule employees based on their qualifications – but also their proximity to the site you’ll be sending them to. Doing this increases the likelihood that the correct employee will show up – solidifying the contract you have with your client.  

Start Using These Staffing Features Today

EPAY gives you an easier way to add clients, get them set-up quickly, and ensure that you’re sending the right employees to the right locations. Making your job just a little bit easier.

All these features are just a small part of our full human capital management suite, complete with applicant tracking, onboarding, workforce management, payroll, performance management, and benefits administration. EPAY covers your employees from pre-hire to retire in one unified system, meaning no double entry into various systems.

Ready to get started? Watch a quick 2-Minute Tour or Request a Demo today.

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