Should You Use an ERP for Your Workforce Management Solution?

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Your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system tracks all the major ins and outs of your business. However, if it’s like most ERPs, it probably bypasses workforce management duties completely.  Until recently, ERP platforms were purchased for the sole purpose of collecting, storing, and managing data based on the business processes of your operation- things like how much it costs to manufacture an item and ship to sellers, etc. Now? Some ERPs are including workforce management modules as part of their major software functions.

But is this for the best? Should you use an ERP’s solution for workforce management? Afterall, its convenience could prove to be a worthy investment. Or is it better, instead, to trust the workforce management experts who have been there all along…and have also perfected the art of system integration?

Why Employers Might Want to Use their ERP’s Workforce Management Solution

Many employers complain that their ERP just can’t communicate with a stand-alone workforce management system effectively. Perhaps your time tracking methods and human capital data aren’t efficiently captured or manual input into your ERP’s configurations just takes too long. The prospect of an all-encompassing ERP platform, whose unified workforce management and ERP systems already communicate well, sounds like a no-brainer. Afterall, if you transition or upgrade all functions to a single unified platform- all your problems should be solved. Right?

It’s true that using an ERP to manage tasks like time and labor in addition to its regulatory functions is a tempting thought. Unfortunately, many have found that it isn’t as ideal as it seems at first glance. 

Why You Should Choose Best-of-Breed Workforce Management Software

Integrating your current ERP with the best workforce management software for your particular business offers many advantages. Why? Because workforce management providers specialize in time and labor, payroll and tax management, and benefits administration as a baseline. ERPs may offer you basic time tracking and easy payroll add-ons, but a best-of-breed workforce management solution that’s fully integrated with your ERP will opens you up to the full capacity of a platform made just for your business. Not only will you benefit from a more robust and secure time and labor system, you won’t have to change ERP providers!

Benefits of Integrating Your ERP with a Best-of-Breed Workforce Management Solution

When investing in stand-alone workforce management software, poor integration with ERPs is a valid concern, but one that shouldn’t hold you back. The best workforce management providers have developed technology that facilitate easy, complete integration. It’s a priority, just like offering effective cost savings, turnover management, and productivity growth. Solutions like EPAY Time and Labor offer painless integration with a number of ERPs, as well as 24/7/365 complimentary customer care.

Additional benefits of choosing best-of-breed workforce management software:

  • It’s built with workforce management in mind, not as an add-on. Because ERPs are new to managing complexities like hourly or distributed workforces, PTO or protected leave requests, or configuring complex pay rules around overtime compliance- you are more likely to run into insufficient features or compliance lapses. With expert workforce management software, you can rest easy knowing everything is getting done and getting done correctly.  
  • It offers multiple, effective time tracking options. Advanced workforce management software often provides various devices and cloud-based time tracking options for keeping track of employee hours, accruals, and other data such as workplace safety attestation questions or updated instructions for completing a job. In addition, many provide live insight into the movement and day-to-day activities of all your sites. With an ERP-based workforce management system, you’ll likely be getting limited, delayed data with fewer guarantees of accuracy and compliance.
  • It’s easy to integrate and easy to customize. Due to the fact that many workforce management providers maintain in-house ownership of their platform’s code, customization is far easier on an individual basis with companies like yours. That means that your provider can offer you upgrades, unique configurations, and automated updates on your terms.

Integrate Your ERP System with EPAY Time & Labor

EPAY Systems’ strength is in time and labor, first and foremost. It’s what made us an industry leader. Today, our Time & Labor solution is used in over 170,000 worksites around the world. Our implementation and integration process are meticulously designed to proceed smoothly and painlessly. We’ll work closely with you to overcome your integration fears, customize a system that fulfills all your workforce management needs, and maintain it, so you never have to wonder about switching again. See if it’s right for you! Watch a brief overview today. 

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