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Recruiting Trends Every Employer Should Be Aware of in 2021

January 27, 2021 - minute read

As with most HR practices, recruiting has faced unprecedented obstacles and change over the past year. The widespread social and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered the needs of job seekers and employers alike, and has reinforced the need for fresh approaches to secure top talent.  

However, 48% of HR professionals say they are still unprepared in adapting their recruitment and onboarding processes. Let’s discuss the most predicted recruiting trends for 2021 so you can prepare effectively.

6 Recruiting Trends to Prepare for in 2021

When it comes to the hourly, distributed workforce, there’s no shortage of recruiting and applicant tracking obstacles. Staying ahead of this year’s trends can help alleviate some of the HR burden and enhance your business’s recovery from 2020.

Here are the top six to prioritize:

  1. Managing COVID-19 risks: It goes without saying, but addressing COVID-19 throughout your recruiting process will be critical for success over the next 12 months. When it comes to the coronavirus, applicants and new hires will want to know what your business is doing to help employees, how you’re keeping up with your pandemic response, and what your tentative operational requirements are for keeping risks low. Consider sharing your return-to-work plans and how it will impact them as part of your recruiting procedures.
  2. New standards for inclusion and social responsibility: Society has turned its attention towards eliminating structural inequalities and prioritizing diversity like never before. When it comes to your business, this means giving careful attention to bringing in diverse candidates during recruitment and working internally to make sure all of your new hires feel welcomed and empowered. If you’re bringing on new employees this year, make sure you’re collecting demographic data and eliminating potential barriers to diversity.
  3. Transparency at all times: Your business is not only facing the circumstances of the pandemic, but increased social pressure and exposure by sources like Glassdoor, TikTok, etc. Your candidates and new hires are expecting you to be honest with them about the job they are offered, the details of your operation and company culture, and how you’re handling the risks involved with the pandemic without exception. Without transparency, you risk higher rates of turnover, wasted dollars, and lower morale. Don’t make that mistake!
  4. Increased social responsibility: Now that the true experience of employees can be easily broadcast to the masses, showing applicants that you value your employees is key to maintaining your business’s reputation. There has been a major cultural shift towards holding employers accountable for helping employees improve their lives. Whether it’s promoting flexibility for individual needs, offering opportunities for learning and development, or adding various social programs: the more you can support your workers, the more successful your recruitment will be in 2021.
  5. Using technology to its fullest potential: If your recruiting technology isn’t up to snuff, you run the risk of losing top talent, as well as time and money for your operation. To remain competitive, you’ll need to leverage your technology to keep up- especially once the labor floodgates reopen. Recruiting software can help expedite things like candidate communication, re-screening furloughed workers, conducting background checks or drug screens, and managing certain authorizations. Evaluate your methods to ensure outdated recruiting technology isn’t holding your operation back.
  6. Continuing to onboard virtually: It may be some time before the pandemic truly winds down, which means ongoing social distancing and remote HR management for the foreseeable future. At the same time, your number of qualified candidates is likely to increase again as vaccines become widely available and the labor market surges. That means you will need to be able to communicate and onboard remotely, as well as prepare for an increase in overall volume of hires. Make sure you have a system or HR platform which can manage both.

Recruiting Just Got Easier

It can be a struggle to keep your recruiting efforts operating at full capacity without the help of HR software. EPAY Systems offers a recruiting and applicant tracking solution as part of our Human Capital Management platform. It’s able to integrate with leading social networking sites and job boards, while also letting you pre-screen applicants, review resumes and submissions, tag key applicants, records feedback on candidates, and more.

The best part is that your applicant’s data can be converted into a new hire record to jump-start your onboarding process. Let us help you take charge of your hiring process. Check out the rest of our HCM tour, and request a demo today!

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