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Recruiting and Retention: One Year Into the Pandemic

May 3, 2021 - minute read

According to reports on COVID-era workforce trends, recruiting has been the top HR concern of 2021 thus far. More than half of the surveyed employees in North America say they plan to look for a new job this year and a quarter are planning to quit outright as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

The reasons for this are not new, but the inevitable strain it will put on hourly workforces and their hiring needs could be a significant challenge. In response to less labor force participation and the number of job openings rising, many are preparing for similar supply and demand issues as before the pandemic.

For employers, that means putting extra emphasis on recruiting and retention efforts moving forward. Let’s go over some of the reasons employees are looking to leave companies this year and how you can ramp up your recruiting efforts to counteract the potential setbacks head on.

Why Are So Many Employees Leaving Their Jobs?

When cultivating strategies to combat turnover and improve hiring, it’s important to consider the reasons why many employees may be looking to quit. Without investigating the factors driving employees away, you lose a vital opportunity to learn about your operation, improve employee experience, and develop superior recruiting tactics.

Here are the top causes of employee turnover in 2021:

  • Disengagement or “unhappiness”
  • Burnout
  • Desire for a promotion or higher pay
  • Better work/life balance
  • Issues with company culture
  • Desire for further skills development
  • Retirement

Although these factors are not new, the circumstances of the pandemic have had a serious impact on bring them to light. So, how do you make sure your top employees stick around? How can you attract the right candidates to replace those that leave?  

How to Retain Workers & Attract Good Hires in 2021

Combatting turnover and recruiting the proper talent can get complicated when you’re working with an hourly, distributed workforce. Luckily, hiring tools and workforce management initiatives can help to stabilize your labor force.

In light of the potential for mass turnover, here are some ways you can optimize your recruiting and retention efforts in 2021:

  • Focus on work/life balance: Make sure your employees and potential new hires know they have flexibility to manage their needs with those of your operation. Although they have a responsibility to your organization, employees will inevitably make their needs the priority if their position is encroaching on the other areas of their lives. Be sure to pay special attention to high performers as they are the most susceptible to burnout.
  • Drive recognition: Employees feel valued and compelled to stay with businesses who acknowledge their efforts and reward them appropriately. By openly encouraging career growth and holding managers accountable for recognition, you can keep existing employees engaged and entice new hires to join your business more successfully.
  • Embrace employee feedback: Enacting change based on employee feedback helps instill trust in existing employees, as well as prospective hires, that work-related problems can and will be addressed without consequences. Without the fear of backlash, employees will be more likely to communicate grievances making them want to stay.  
  • Prioritize your company culture: Fostering a solid company culture may be one of the most underrated elements of keeping and attracting top workers. In this period of imminent turnover, be sure you have a strong brand for your business and promote themes of empathy, community and support.
  • Conduct interviews: Conducting exit and stay interviews is a key way to understand your operation’s turnover risk. Uncover the reasons why individuals choose to leave and stay, and then take action to adjust your operation accordingly.

For more hiring solutions during COVID-19, check out our blog, “Hiring in the COVID-19 Era: Changing Solutions for Changing Times.”

Hiring & Onboarding with EPAY Systems

It’s clear that retention efforts and workforce planning will have to evolve through the remainder of the pandemic if you want to come out on top. One way to make it easier is to use recruiting and onboarding solutions, which help businesses reduce the time it takes to attract and engage new hires.

Not only does EPAY have a competitive talent acquisition solution as part of our Human Capital Management platform… we’ve got the analytics to the track and interpret your hiring data: where your best hires are coming from, which job sites are resulting in the most turnover, and what gaps in your talent pool still need to be filled. Our platform also includes a customizable, intuitive user interface which can connect directly to leading social networking sites and job boards.

In addition, all new hire records can be converted directly into employee records to jump-start the onboarding process. Start your new hire’s employee experience right! Watch our full two-minute overview or request a demo today.

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