Protect Your Workforce from COVID-19 with Mobile Time Tracking

April 22, 2020 - minute read

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the nation and the world, employers are looking for every possible course of action to protect their workforce and prevent the spread of the virus. That includes closing if considered a nonessential business, limiting the number of employees working at a time, and implementing adaptive technology solutions. It also means prioritizing sanitary facility practices.

The cleanliness of time collection devices, for example, has become a source of concern for hourly, distributed workforces. While biometric or “fingerprint” tools are popular for their heightened security and workforce management convenience, they remain a potential epicenter for germs during periods of pandemic. 

The devices shared throughout your facilities or worksites probably aren’t getting sterilized after every single employee use, and that’s why a solution like Mobile Punch is so vital for the health and safety of your workforce. Mobile Punch, EPAYs mobile time tracking app, is the best way to limit cross contamination while upholding an accurate, cost-efficient timekeeping solution that’s easy on your workers.   

Mobile Punch to Ease Social Distancing

While it is worthwhile to continue to clean your biometric time clocks – Mobile Punch is an altogether better solution during a time of social distancing. As a mobile app, it provides an avenue where employees aren’t required to interact with the same device surfaces or have to line up together to punch in and out throughout the day.

It helps your operation maintain communication and view all the relevant information for managing your workforce effectively during a time of restricted operating capacity and ongoing, last-minute changes. The individual access to a reliable, mobile clock-in system captures the date, time and location of a punch, and so much more. 

Additional Benefits of Using Mobile Punch

Mobile Punch eases workforce management burdens by allowing documentation of worksite data and by allowing employees to do things like check schedules, PTO balances, and messages all on their own. How does this benefit your fight against COVID-19?

  • It reduces your COVID-19 exposure by allowing employees to use their phones.
  • It reinforces accountability and ensures your crew is punching in from the appropriate locations using GPS tracking when less supervision is possible.
  • It eliminates the possibility of time theft using facial biometrics, even from the app.
  • It allows for the upload of documents with important tasks, safety procedures, or contact information to workers directly to encourage self-sufficiency.
  • It facilitates employee self-services like time sheet sign offs, requesting PTO, and more.
  • It puts your clients at ease by reducing the need for shared or unnecessary hardware at their sites.

With real-time visibility and powerful features like these, you are not only fulfilling your responsibility as an employer to keep your employees as safe and healthy as possible – you are setting your operation up to successfully handle disruptions and everything else that comes with the evolving pandemic landscape.

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At EPAY Systems, we address hourly workforce management problems directly. Our native-developed mobile app does more than just transform smartphones and tablets into handheld time clocks. It creates a bridge between you and your employees for optimum accuracy, ease, and now – health.

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