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Promote Better Internal Communications with Workforce Management Solutions

July 20, 2021 - minute read

Workforce management technology has been aiding hourly workforces for some time. In fact, when it comes to tracking hours compliantly and calculating pay accurately, it’s basically the new gold standard. But what’s often overlooked are the benefits it can provide towards strengthening your internal communication strategy.

The pandemic has made the need for good communication more important than ever… but it’s more than just broadcasting COVID-related mandates and alerting individuals of positive cases – it’s critical for keeping employees engaged and keeping things running during periods of instability. Whether you are trying to announce updated schedules, important deadlines for benefits enrollment or new safety protocols, keeping your employees informed will be essential for the days ahead.

Let’s discuss some specific workforce management tools that can help optimize your communication strategies today!

The Importance of Communication Strategy

Staying on top of your administrative responsibilities and communication with employees is vital to maintaining a high-functioning business and keeping employees longer. With all of the information that needs to be shared with employees, your HR team should already be investing time into comprehensive communication strategies that guarantee employees understand what is going on throughout your operation.

Without proper communication, you risk losing valuable employees and company dollars by decreasing the overall participation of your workforce. Whether you’re rolling out new initiatives to increase productivity or trying to encourage the full use of available healthcare benefits, you need an effective way to stay in touch with all your people.

Workforce Management Solutions for Improving Communication

Bridging the gap between you and your employees is easier said than done without utilizing the right technology and dynamic tools. While prioritizing customized messages or well-timed outreach are important for reaching as many employees as possible, there are a lot more ways to keep communication channels flowing.

Consider the following workforce management solutions:

Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portals. If you have the option to embrace an Employee Self-Service solution, it’s a worthwhile tool to invest in. These portals provide your employees with immediate access to schedules, pay stubs, and other significant employee data without delay. This helps make sharing items like benefits coverage or remaining PTO days much easier– for you and your employees!

Employer Apps. More and more workforce communication strategies are including mobile solutions like apps in order to successfully reach as many frontline workers as possible. It doesn’t matter if your industry has spread your workers out over construction sites, client sites, production lines, or fields – prioritizing mobile access ensures your employees can have clear, direct access into company-wide updates, HR-related reminders, schedules (including shift bidding and swapping), facility instructions, and more.

Digital Archives. Choosing an omni-channel approach to communication means embracing tactics like physical signage and home mailings, as well as uploading e-posters, benefits registration information, employee handbooks and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to a digitized location. Workers lose things, and mailing accidents happen all the time! That’s why ensuring consistent access to important documents within a trustworthy workforce management system is ideal for keeping communication strong and protecting against liability.

Benefits Administration Tools. With an approximated 80% of employees not actually reading their benefits information, the more accessible you can make open enrollment, the better. Help make sure the appropriate information is not just read, but understood to its fullest capacity by easing employees through the process. Powerful benefits modules accommodate multiple languages and allow workers to compare multiple health plans at once, so employees can make more informed choices. Some even allow specific plan options to be sent to pre-defined groups automatically.

Real-Time Alerts. Think of real-time alerts as your instantaneous defense mechanism against potential labor issues. With this tool, emails or text messages can be sent out the moment an employee is about to reach overtime, has failed to clock in as scheduled, or skips their meal break. These alerts can also inform you when there aren’t enough workers at a specific location, a job site is about to go over budget, or an accident has been reported by one of your workers. From there, you can reach out to the appropriate workers and resolve any issues quickly.

Workforce Management for the Hourly Workforce

There are a plenty of workforce management options out there, but how many of them actually know your industry’s needs? At EPAY Systems, we took the complex needs and obstacles of the hourly workforce to heart and developed an award-winning solution. Our seemless Human Capital Management (HCM) solution has all the aforementioned capabilities and more.

For a full tour of the workforce management tools available with our platform, take our 2-minute tour and request a personalized demo!

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