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Maximizing Multi-State Operational Success with Cloud-based HR Solutions

January 27, 2020 - minute read

For businesses functioning in multiple states, or for those looking to extend their operations beyond their present statutory borders, managing all the vital HR components from a distance can be tricky. For one thing, procedures for onboarding, training, and benefits administration are often more time-consuming and expensive to fulfill from afar. For another, most states have their own unique compliance requirements, in addition to federal laws. In other words, there’s no guarantee that any two states will have the same requirements. 

In light of countless payroll and tax processing discrepancies, wage and hour restrictions, and HR statues regarding protected leave and other HR benefits, multi-state employers require an HR solution that can transcend the isolation of their individual worksites to regulate compliance. Fortunately, cloud-based workforce management solutions address this challenge, while offering all necessary HR functions, without the limitations of geographic location, redundant steps, or hurtles in communication and data-sharing.

Managing Hourly, Distributed Workers with the Cloud

If your business has the daunting task of staying on top of legal and compliance issues in multiple states, implementing a cloud-based platform can ease your administrative burdens, improve your bottom line, and improve the morale of your employees--all in addition to maintaining compliance at every level.

Let’s get down to specifics. Using a cloud-based system allows you to:

  • Maintain control at every site even if you’re miles away. Cloud-based workforce management gives you complete visibility into your workforce, while helping you control costs, make proactive business decisions, and even improve customer service. Employee time and attendance, including shifts and schedules, hours worked, labor spend and much more are available without delays, so you have live insight into any present or potential problems and inconsistencies that need to be corrected– regardless of your managers’ physical locations.
  • Streamline payroll processing automatically. When you use cloud-based payroll as part of your workforce management, you reduce payroll prep time, erroneous calculations, and administration costs. Your time collection process will be able to translate directly into automated timesheets to improve speed, accuracy, transparency, and consistency- something vital when your business operates across multiples states or with an hourly workforce. It helps you oversee various payrates, overtime regulations, taxation rules, and more across all job sites. One of the great benefits of cloud-based payroll services is that HR staff and field managers can process and approve payroll from any device, any time of day—not to mention respond to requests for paid time off—right from their smartphones or tablets.
  • Tighten security and compliance. The need for top-tier data security and compliance is a must for multi-location businesses that are sharing sensitive information across significant distances. Rather than submitting time sheet, operational, or sensitive employee data through less optimized channels, cloud-based software has built-in infrastructures specifically for security. With cloud-based software, your multistate business can transcend many of the most difficult industry compliance practices by using a single, unified management tool- one which can trigger alerts, track data, and share HR-related updates immediately.
  • Optimize HR administration for employee satisfaction. To ensure each of your employees is truly benefiting from your HR administrative efforts, it helps to have cloud-based portals that promote employee self-service. These give employees access to their HR and payroll information from virtually anywhere. Using their personal mobile devices, employees can check their pay history and benefits, request PTO, update their contact information and more. Not only is this empowering to employees, it frees up managers and HR staff who would be responding to these incoming requests, allowing them to focus on more pressing administrative needs across your multistate locations.

Cloud-based Workforce Management with EPAY Systems

When it comes to time and attendance systems, you have many options to choose from. See how EPAY's cloud-based system stacks up against other providers. Our seamless payroll system manages multiple FEINs, calculates employee taxes across all states and local jurisdictions—even when your employees work across multiple states—and handles every type of garnishment. EPAY HCM delivers all federal, state and local tax updates, so you don’t need a third-party tax service. Plus, with garnishment compliance built in, you don’t need to worry about potential fines.

In addition, our time and attendance tracking system gives you full visibility into your workforce, helping you make proactive and informed business decisions. With reporting, budget tracking, scheduling and real time alerts, you can monitor employee overtime, stay on top of labor budgets, get notified of potential client issues and ensure compliance from anywhere. Learn more about our cloud-based solution today, or watch our 2-minute tour!

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