Integrating a New Workforce Management System with Your ERP Doesn’t Need to Be Painful

November 19, 2019 - minute read

The word “integration” is probably among the most dreaded words for employers when discussing upgrading or join an ERP with a new workforce management system. Perhaps it’s because 50% of ERP integrations fail the first time around, or that the majority of them take 30% longer to implement than anticipated. Depending on your experience with ERP integration in the past, you may be hesitant to willingly commit to the process again.

Deciding whether or not to use an expanded ERP platform that includes workforce management or integrate your ERP with a best-of-breed workforce management solution is your first critical decision. If you’re still on the fence and can’t decide if the risk is worth it, check out Should You Use an ERP for Your Workforce Management Solution?, our related blog, first.

Common Reasons ERP Integrations Fail

As you know, integration is the process of bringing two software platforms together to interact and share data, giving way to greater efficiencies and accuracies for business processes.  With a successful integration, you provide a secure channel for multiple software programs to communicate with each other and optimize productivity. Without it, however, you face operational gridlock, data inaccuracies, unplanned costs, and the stall or loss of job orders.

But why do some software providers’ integration processes fail, while others proceed smoothly? Failed integrations are often caused by:

  • Software providers not taking time to understand your ERP system. Unless the integration team takes the time to get to know the intricacies your existing data channels, your new workforce management platform may not be able to be effectively bridged to your ERP. Details matter.
  • Software providers not asking you what your past integration issues were. Learning from past mistakes and obstacles is key to avoiding them in the future. If your prior workforce management provider was not able to plan for historical setbacks, they are significantly more likely to happen again with someone new.
  • Choosing outdated workforce management software. It’s a simple idea, but a common cause of poor integration results is that the workforce management software just can’t keep up. Without a truly adaptable, technologically-advanced workforce management platform, one that is customizable and scalable, there’s a high risk of incompatibility and periodic issues even if the initial integration doesn’t reveal them.
  • Your chosen workforce management software is more of a one trick pony. Not all workforce management systems are created equal, so the software architecture may not be built with the ability to alter or trouble-shoot custom code to work smoothly with your ERP.
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The Benefits of Integrating Your ERP with EPAY’s Workforce Management Solution

EPAY Systems is famous for its meticulous, flawless integration process. What makes EPAY’s integration process so much better? Well…

  1. We’ve been building WFM software and improving the art of integration from the get-go. Our workforce management software was our original product offering- it isn’t just another add-on. Since 2001, our signature software has continued to reign as the only time and labor system of its kind. That includes providing smooth, custom integration especially for ERPs. Because our painstaking process is designed to create the most ideal integration result for industries like yours, you’ll be operating with a truly personalized solution you can trust.
  2. You are part of the process. From day one, our engineers and customer care team work to ensure employers are actively participating in our process- from giving us insights on your system and its needs, to providing us with feedback, questions, and ideas for bettering your experience. You can expect regular communication with our team throughout the integration period, as well as consistent check-ins with your dedicated account manager thereafter.
  3. You have free, premium support that lives up to its name. In addition to your dedicated service team and account manager, you’ll have additional access to customer care and technical support 24/7/365. We know how stressful integrations can be. Rest assured, our integration procedures will make sure you’re never operating alone or with uncertainty.
  4. We know what our solution is capable of, so we’ll tell you what it’s not. Many software companies like to problem-solve, even if that means creating imperfect solutions. At EPAY, if something isn’t working, we’ll be the first to let you know and the first to first to locate a solution- even if that means with software that isn’t ours.

Ready to Learn More?

At EPAY, we are known for our easy and personalized integration process- from the software itself to our proactive support teams. Ready to learn more? Check out our customer service testimonial video and our reviews on G2.

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