How Workforce Management Software Can Support Your Team During Covid-19

June 26, 2020 - minute read

As the concerns and setbacks surrounding COVID-19 continue, many businesses find themselves facing obstacles and seemingly helpless circumstances on an ongoing basis. That said, it is important to focus on the aspects of your business that can be controlled to achieve success for your operation in the days ahead. In other words, you need an employee-centered administrative approach and innovative workforce management tools.

With a powerful platform to oversee and help your operation adapt, you will be able to better meet pandemic-related needs. Let’s break down some of the ways that workforce management can be used to keep COVID-19 problems at bay.

Benefits of Workforce Management During COVID-19

While it’s already established that workforce management software provides cost-saving benefits and can ease administrative workloads, it may be less apparent how powerful this software actually is as part of your pandemic response. Consider the following benefits for using workforce management to its fullest potential during COVID-19.

How it can help:

  • It extends your health and safety practices with adaptable administrative features. You can use workforce management software to monitor safety processes such as providing COVID-19 screening questions at clock-in so you know that it is safe to allow them back at work.
  • It supports CDC guidelines with mobile clock-in capabilities. Mobile time tracking ensures your employees are able to clock into the system while practicing social distancing. Instead of having multiple employees standing together waiting to use a shared machine for access, they will be able to begin their day with from a mobile app. It also gives employees ease around remote or work-from-home options.
  • It reinforces operational security with dependable communication. With workforce management alerts and messaging, you can easily communicate changes to furloughs or scheduling, day-to-day operating procedures, employee pay, and important documents such as health and safety policies, training files, worksite hours, and more. As updates are needed, workforce management systems can quickly reach all relevant parties.
  • It optimizes scheduling during a time where last-minute changes are rampant. You can help manage shift changes, shift bidding and swapping, leave requests, timesheet signoffs, and overtime requests from one intuitive interface. As you are likely experiences more gaps than usual in your workforce, and a tighter than usual budget, workforce management software can handle the complications that may arise around employee scheduling during COVID-19.
  • It relieves administrative burden with easier leave management. As a number of your employees may be required to self-isolate (if they show symptoms of coronavirus), you need a system which can deal with the influx of requests for different types of PTO or employee leave. Workforce management ensures you have a system in place to handle any rise in requests, as well as effective, compliant management while employees are away.
  • It helps manage costs with insightful analytics and alerts. Analytics are a standard part of workforce management nowadays. Make sure your platform can fully assist with ROI, budgeting overtime, flexible pay rules, job costing, and overseeing compliance to reduce detrimental oversights to your business during this period of uncertainty.

EPAY’s Workforce Management Solution

Hundreds of businesses with distributed, hourly employees like yours rely on EPAY’s workforce management software to track and manage employees during this unprecedented time. Our system easily conforms to any labor environment to ensure you’re in control of your workforce and in compliance with labor laws- even those that continue to change with the pandemic.

Our solution is able to provide all the previously mentioned features while also helping to reduce your labor costs by up to 5% or more. Check out a quick overview of our flexible workforce management solution, and request a demo today!

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