How to Find a Total Workforce Management System for HR

October 24, 2017 - minute read

Two Business People at Computer.jpgFinding a Total Workforce Management System for Your HR Needs

Workforce management can be a complicated combination of benefits, payroll, compliance, employees, and many other processes revolving around those. This can make switching to a new provider a challenge, and it may be difficult to determine which company is the right one. Here are some ways to make sure you choose the best workforce management system for your business.

Get a Unified Total Workforce Management System with a Single Entry Point

A single entry point for data may appear to be a simple thing, but it’s actually necessary for successful unified workforce management. Without it you may find your system is more susceptible to duplications and inaccurate data that can potentially lead to future errors. You can minimize data entry areas as long as you have a single entry point.

It’s a good idea to ask the provider if their solution uses a central point of entry and storage. If not, you may want to look elsewhere.

Make Sure You Can Pay Employees on Time and with Consistent Accuracy

Try to find a total workforce management system that provides error-checking algorithms that can proactively monitor and catch mistakes before they can impact your business. This will help you spend less time on processing payroll, while ensuring you only have to process each payroll once.

Keep Your Company and Employee Data Secure

Make sure the system has all of the latest security features such as two-factor authentication. If the service is cloud-based, make sure your data will be adequately protected. Some certifications like FedRAMP, exist to ensure high security of data.

Security is a primary concern for businesses, making it necessary to choose a company that is serious about privacy. A total workforce management system should have strict access controls and host data in trusted data centers to make sure all confidential information remains consistently secure while only allowing you complete control over who has access to data.

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Check to See if You Can Efficiently Manage Risk and Compliance

With the right workforce management solution, you should be able to easily manage both compliance and risk, automating all IRS reporting, ACA tracking, benefits plan tracking, and more, while managing payroll tax compliance.

A solution that helps you manage HR and payroll compliance will help eliminate paperwork and minimize errors.

Solutions Should Accommodate Onboarding and Recruiting

One of the biggest expenses that companies deal with is labor, making it necessary to find the best solution to help ensure you hire and retain the best talent for less turnover. An effective recruiting and onboarding solution can allow you to easily hire and onboard new employees using a central system, streamlining the hiring process while helping make sure you only recruit the type of employees your business needs to succeed.

Check for an Employee Retention and Engagement Process

The happier and more engaged your employees are, the better your results will be. It’s important to remember that employee performance will impact the company’s performance, and a part of keeping employees satisfied is through effective communication.

Make sure your workforce management solution offers payroll and HR solutions that feature self-service portals for better communication between employees and managers. With the right software, you can manage training courses, conduct performance reviews for individual employees, and offer more appealing compensation packages. This will help improve the company culture overall.

Get a Total Workforce Management System That Allows You to Easily Track Employee Hours

One of the biggest challenges for employers is managing and tracking employee hours, a process that requires a lot of time and patience, with a potential for errors. Even after payroll completes processing, you may discover that a time card was incorrect, which requires more work to correct.

A good workforce management solution will be able to automate the employee tracking and subsequently simplify employee scheduling, with increased accuracy in pay and reduced errors.

Ask Your Workforce Management System Provider the Right Questions

If you want the best results from a total workforce management system, you need to make sure the provider’s solution includes all of these features to make managing your employees easy and efficient. Ask about everything your business needs in a reliable solution, and look elsewhere if the provider can’t meet your needs.

However, if you find the right workforce management system to help control your company and automate otherwise challenging processes, you’ll find that you save money and time. You’ll also be able to spend more time focusing on other areas of business that demand your attention. Your business will be able to thrive with productive employees and minimal data entry errors and compliance issues with a dependable system in place.

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