Hiring in the COVID-19 Era: Changing Solutions for Changing Times

June 18, 2020 - minute read

Many industries continue to adapt and recover under new health restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, leading employers to rethink their business strategies and workforce practices for greater safety and certainty. To ease the risks and burdens at hand, your business needs workforce management solutions which can keep up with each new need brought on by the pandemic: especially when it comes to recruiting and hiring.

A recent study found that 78% of employed U.S. adults said they would not consider a job change during the ongoing pandemic. Given that hourly workforce businesses already deal with intense labor competition, high rates of turnover and obstacles securing the right skillsets for open positions- attaining the tools to effectively recruit and hire talent remotely is paramount for achieving success at this time.

Let’s take a closer look at maximizing your remote hiring process during and after the COVID-19 era.

Solutions for Hiring During COVID-19

When it comes to hiring during a pandemic, an ideal process includes the use of online hiring, or Recruiting and Applicant Tracking solutions. Workforce management tools such as these can help maximize your recruitment process, secure the best new hires for each position, and guarantee a safer process in the face of coronavirus.

Consider the following features and benefits of switching to this type of system: 

  • Video interviewing capabilities. This allows applicants to maintain social distancing while giving you the same powerful insights of conducting an in-person interview. It is one of the clearest paths to determining whether or not a candidate is a good fit for your organization while still lowering the risks associated with the virus.
  • Easy access to applicant profiles, work history, and qualifications. A proper ATS system will give you the advantage of advanced search and filtering capabilities to quickly organize and identify qualified applicants. By sorting and rating candidates, you’ll be able to more easily access memorable candidates as your hiring needs continue to fluctuate.
  • Optimum communication between decision-makers. Being able to leave notes on candidates or tag individuals based on their skillsets eliminates the need to share resumes or interview files between the members of your staff. It also boosts your chances of hiring quickly and addressing shortages in a timely fashion. With this ability to share profiles and impressions, you no longer need to spend unnecessary time and energy getting hiring managers and HR personnel on the same page.
  • Increased candidate engagement. Top notch hiring solutions often link directly to job sites, making the application process user-friendly and quick for applicants and engagement from the employer-side more effective than ever. When you ease and accelerate the hiring process, it’s a win for both you and the candidate. They're going to work faster and you’re reaching as many talented individuals as possible.
  • Consistency on your end of the hiring process. In light of the obstacles created by COVID-19, you could be falling behind on certain hiring tasks. Without staying on top of hiring activity, you run the risk of losing top-notch hires unintentionally. With a proper ATS, you can monitor exactly where you are in the recruiting process for each applicant and send offer letters, request background checks, and other directives directly. This ensures you don’t create lags in communication or slow down the process.

Hiring with EPAY Systems

Not only does EPAY have a competitive talent acquisition solution as part of our Human Capital Management platform… we’ve got the analytics to the track and interpret your hiring data: where the best hires came from, which job sites produce the most turnover, and where gaps in your talent pool may still exist. We provide an intuitive user interface, one which can connect with leading social networking sites and job boards while meeting all the aforementioned goals from within one seamless platform.   

Let us help you reduce the time it takes to attract and engage new hires. You’ll even be able to convert a hired candidate’s data seamlessly into a new hire record to jump-start their onboarding! Watch our full two-minute overview or request a demo today.

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