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Getting Your Employees to Use Your New HR Technology... and Use It Correctly

September 4, 2019 - minute read

Getting Employees to Use New HR Technology CTAWhen you invest in new HR technology, you want to make sure you get the best return on your investment. But how can you do that if your employees are using your new solution incorrectly—or worse, won’t use it at all? You need your employees to feel confident in what they’re doing, especially since 36 percent of U.S. workers say they’d leave a position if they didn’t receive the proper training they need to succeed on the job.

Whether you’re facing the implementation of a new system or tightening up operations after the fact, getting your workforce to use new HR technology correctly can require clearing work schedules, marshaling additional training resources, and employing massive patience. Here are some ways to ensure your workforce uses your HR technology solutions…and does so as intended. 

Tips for Optimizing Employees’ Use of HR Technology

You might start by explaining to your employees why this new technology is important and how it will improve their workday. What pain points does this new technology alleviate for each segment of your workforce? Once your employees are personally invested in the value of your new technologies, they’re more likely to retain what they learn in training and correctly use your HR software (and, if applicable, related data collection methods and devices). 

Consider these time-tested training strategies:

  • Provide multiple avenues for learning. People have different learning styles, so personalizing your training approach will go a long way towards ensuring success. By offering video tutorials and hands-on training in addition to written procedural manuals, you can appeal to the unique learning styles of various employees. (If your workforce is multi-lingual, provide accessible materials in multiple languages as well.) Moreover, using multiple methods to expose your employees to new technology makes it easier for workers to adapt to what’s changed. Even after training, make sure all information and resources are available to your workforce for reference, especially by mobile device if you’re workforce is distributed over multiple worksites.
  • Use incentives. Not every employee will be easy to motivate. You might incentivize training by entering employees or work teams into raffles for gift cards. Hosting company-sponsored lunch-and learn sessions have also been found to be hugely successful. It not only raises morale and encourages participation, but creates a sense of community, so employees may turn to one another when they’re struggling with specific aspects of your new technology.
  • Break up training into multiple sessions or steps. You can help create a more manageable pace and realistic schedule for all your employees by breaking up your training classes into short, highly-digestible sessions. Some of your workers may need additional assistance as well, so this allows all of your workforce to actually take the time to learn how to use your technology correctly.
  • Make using correct procedures an ongoing learning initiative. Try to schedule regular opportunities for employees to offer feedback on your new tech platform. This will allow you to pinpoint where inconsistencies in your technology usage exists and where re-training is needed. You can also schedule refresher sessions as part of your training efforts, so employees stay sharp as platforms evolve or are integrated with new software and time collection methods over time.
  • Address the negative repercussions of continued misuse of technology. Some employees may need more encouragement to use your technology properly. Identify the costs improper utilization places on your operations and share this with your employees. You may want to consider implementing a points system or include a section in your employees’ quarterly reviews about technology utilization. Accountability is part of their role in your business and utilizing technology correctly is no exception.

Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Learn

EPAY Systems knows how important it is to ensure your employees are making the most of your HR technology. Our full-suite HCM system helps employers communicate their policies and protocols to the workforce, conduct training, and track and manage employee performance. By using our Learning Management Solution, you can give your workforce anytime access to answers, so they’re never lost on the job. Want to see these powerful solutions at work? Check out our two-minute tour and then schedule a demo today!


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