For Staffing Companies: How to Evaluate Payroll Software

July 9, 2019 - minute read

Staffing and Payroll BlogStaffing companies are in the business of keeping people happy. They need to keep their clients happy, or clients will take their business elsewhere. They also need to keep their employees happy, or workers won’t be productive and won’t stick around. 

That’s one reason having a flawless payroll process is so critical for staffing companies. If you can’t pay employees correctly and promptly every pay period, you risk your workforce and, in turn, your clients.

But it’s not as simple as it sounds, especially for distributed, hourly workforces. Staffing companies need more than high-performance payroll software—they need payroll software that’s geared to work the way they do. 

No wonder 72% of staffing companies surveyed are considering new HR and payroll software. If your staffing company is among them, here are some key points to keep in mind. And if your company isn’t, here’s why it should be. 

Growing Industry, Shrinking Talent Pool 

As you know, staffing industry growth has outpaced overall employment and economic growth—sometimes by nearly 200%--since the recession, according to the American Staffing Association. The industry employs more than 17 million workers per year.

While the industry is exploding, the talent pool is shrinking. According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report, 7.4 million job openings remain unfilled in the U.S. right now. Offering candidates competitive compensation and a positive work experience—not to mention a path of career advancement—is one way that staffing agencies can attract and retain workers.

Furthermore, more than three-quarters of staffing candidates surveyed say that agencies using cutting-edge technology are more desirable to work for. Using state-of-the-art HR and payroll software call help define an agency as an employer of choice.

Pleasing Clients with Workforce Visibility   

Staffing companies typically serve clients in a wide range of industries, but despite obvious differences, most staffing clients want the same things. Those things: the peace of mind of knowing their temps are getting the job done right—and demonstrated value for their staffing dollars.  

As a result, staffing companies who offer clients visibility into their workers’ on-the-ground activities have a competitive edge—and technology allows them to achieve it. For staffing companies, the best payroll software comes paired with powerful workforce management tools that not only gives staffing agencies greater control, but provides clients with limited access to the system. Want to make a client happy? Offer them the ability to see and sign off on timesheets online…review time and attendance reports on-demand…and view a real-time dashboard of who is working and where whenever they choose.

A Must for Staffing Agencies: Multi-Client Management Tools

For staffing companies, it’s not enough to manage your workforce well—you need to be able to manage them client-by-client. Traditional workforce management and payroll software may not be up to this challenge.

In short, look for a platform that allows you to add new clients easily and instantly—without calling your software provider for customer support. One that lets you create custom pay rules and schedules for each client. One with a dashboard that allows you to move seamlessly from one client’s records to the next, while keeping everything completely siloed.

In short, your software should make it easier for you to juggle multiple clients, not create extra work and keystrokes.

Pay Only for What You Use…But Don’t Pay Extra for Service

Because the staffing business ebbs and flows, it’s smart to choose payroll software with pricing that scales up and down with you. Forget flat rate pricing—look for providers that charge per employee per month, while charging minimal add-on fees.

Speaking of fees, think twice before choosing a payroll software vendor that charges you extra for premium service. Yes, responsive service is a must—no matter what pops up, payroll must go out on time. But when a company is only eager to support its clients for a price, that says quite a bit about its philosophy.

HR and Payroll Software Designed for Staffing Companies

If you’re shopping for new HR and payroll software, here’s a great shortcut. EPAY’s integrated HCM platform was designed specifically for staffing agencies and others with a distributed, hourly workforce. Our robust workforce management solution includes an advanced client management tool for staffing agencies that allows you to handle each account on a custom basis, without adding time to your day. Check it out!

As a staffing company, you want your clients to view you as a partner, not a vendor. At EPAY, that’s how we feel about our clients, too. See how our system helped Nelson Staffing, one of the country’s largest independent agencies, provide its clients with customized service and unprecedented visibility. Read the case studythen, let’s talk! 

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