EPAY’s New Anywhere, Everywhere Time Clock: the Portable, Powerful WalTer S18

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As of today, employers have a revolutionary new time clock option for tracking employee time and attendance—and it’s literally “off the wall.” That is, you don’t need to wall mount EPAY’s small, slim WalTerTM S18 time clock, although you can if you like. Lock it on the wall or store it on a tabletop, it’s your call.  

Our S18 time clock was designed to accommodate virtually any work environment, no matter how small, limited or temporary. Should your work crew finish a project and move on to another job site, just pick up your time clock and bring it along. 

Sure, there are a few other portable time clocks out there, but they’re not nearly as powerful or versatile. For one thing, the WalTerTM S18 time clock offers facial recognition—the most effective biometric technology for employees who perform manual labor.  

All the while, the WalTerTM S18 time clock is incredibly rugged withstanding rough handling and harsh industrial environments. Construction sites? You got it. Ports? Of course. Oil rigs? No problem.  

Who’s Idea Was this Anyway?

We have to confess: designing the WalTerTM S18 wasn’t exactly our idea. The credit goes to our customers, who kept telling us how much they’d appreciate a slim, flexible time clock.

At EPAY Systems, we serve a very specific type of employer. Our HR software—particularly our time and labor management software—is targeted to medium and large businesses that manage an hourly, distributed workforce. Their workers are hard to keep track of, frequently on the move and often working in nontraditional work environments.

Accurate time and attendance is critical to, but challenging for such businesses. Deterring time theft is a high priority. When it comes to time tracking technology, they have specialized needs. Our job is to meet them—hence, the WalTerTM S18.

A Compact, Tabletop Time Clock

Many of our customers—particularly those in the janitorial, facility maintenance, staffing and security industries—provide work crews that operate at their clients’ places of business. Some of their clients don’t permit their contracted service providers to hang things on their walls, including time clocks.  

These customers asked us for an easily storable time clock, that could be kept in a storage closet or cabinet. So when we designed the WalTerTM S18, we designed it to fit in both an easy-to-install locking wall mount (for when that’s okay) and a simple table stand (for when it isn’t). Problem solved.

A Truly Portable Time Clock

We also have customers whose work crews move from project to project, such as construction companies and landscaping firms.

So we made the S18 portable and reconfigurable. When your work crew finishes one project and moves to a new jobsite, you take your S18 time clock and table stand with you.

Each S18 time clock can be easily reconfigured to reflect your new address and work crew. You can do it on your end, or we can do it for you—as often as needed, to keep pace with your business.

The S18 Time Clock Plays Well with Others

Perhaps our most flexible time clock is the perfect solution for some of your workforce, but not all. For this very reason, EPAY offers a selection of “mix and match” time tracking methods/devices, including:

  • The WalTer T16 Time Clock – our fastest biometric time clock designed for the traditional workforce and high-traffic environments.
  • Our Mobile Time Tracking App with GPS – designed for mobile employees, with facial recognition technology, task tracking, geo-fencing and geo tracking.
  • Online Time Tracking – the web time tracking method for administrative and professional employees who work in office environments or otherwise have access to computers.
  • Call- in Telephone Time Tracking – a simple, no-fail solution for highly distributed groups of employees scattered over (or moving between) multiple worksites.

These all feed into our cloud-based time and attendance system, and they all work together beautifully, so you can track 100% of your workforce, no matter how wildly distributed it is. 

Saving Employers Money Everyday

No matter what time-tracking device(s) or method(s) you choose, when you switch to EPAY Time and Labor, expect your labor costs to drop by up to 5% or more.

That’s because our time and attendance software features innovative workforce management tools—real-time manager alerts, dashboard flagging, overtime protection and reports/analytics—that cut costs, plus compliance safeguards that reduce your risk of labor lawsuits.     

To learn more about EPAY’s new WalTerTM S18 time clock and advanced time and labor solution for employers with a distributed workforce, register for our demonstration webinar on Thursday, June 21st at 1pm CDT.

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