EPAY’s Compliance Essentials: A New Way to Safeguard Your Labor Compliance

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These days, maintaining labor compliance is more critical than ever. After all, your company is more likely to be sued by an employee than deal with a workplace fire! Believe it or not, employee lawsuits have skyrocketed by 400% in the last 20 years.

Furthermore, the Biden administration’s Department of Labor is not only tightening workplace regulations, but cracking down on enforcement–even as the number of pandemic-related complaints and lawsuits continue to rise. Without question, compliance lapses are poised to become even more expensive and hazardous. Now is the time to close any gaps in your processes.

The problem is, many already-swamped HR departments simply don’t have the bandwidth to take more work on. Who has the manpower and expertise to go hunting for chinks in their workflows, let alone research grey areas of employment law as new situations arise?

For all these reasons, the compliance team at EPAY Systems is delighted to introduce Compliance Essentials—a new, multidimensional solution designed to help employers reduce their compliance risk, bolster their firewall, and have a fail-safe plan in place for whatever may come their way. Here’s what you’ll want to know.

7 Ways Compliance Essentials Will Up Your Compliance Game

With Compliance Essentials, your HR department receives both technological tools and expert live assistance. There are three bundles to choose from—offering various level of support—all built around these seven key elements:

  1. A Baseline Compliance Review – Once you sign up, you’ll be assigned a dedicated EPAY HR Advisor—a credentialed industry expert you’ll get to know. In order to provide you with personalized guidance, his/her first step will be to review your current HR policies and procedures, identify problem areas—and then, develop an action plan.
  2. A “Living” Employee Handbook – Given constantly-changing regulations, it’s nearly impossible to maintain an up-to-date handbook using old-school methods. Our digital handbook, however, is easy to build and maintain, because it’s organized around an extensive library of attorney-approved policy templates. Yes, you can easily incorporate state-specific regulations—and workers can acknowledge they’ve read it by providing a simple e-signature.
  3. Required Labor Law Posters – This ensures you meet your ongoing workplace posting requirements automatically. You’ll receive new printed posters every year—and more often when the laws change. And if you have a distributed workforce, our electronic poster service will fill the need.
  4. A Vast Library of Attorney-approved Content & Tools – Need answers to specific compliance questions on the federal or state level? Want help updating your job descriptions? With our online library, you have access to a wealth of tools, forms and answers, including a searchable database. No more aimless googling or relying on questionable sources—all library content has been created or approved by employment law authorities.
  5. Labor Law Update Alerts – With labor laws changing so quickly, it’s hard to stay current—especially when you operate in multiple states. This service automatically sends alerts to your inbox—and you’ll even be notified when a handbook update is needed. (All platform resources are continually updated, too.)
  6. Live, Expert Help on Demand – Whether you need a sounding board regarding a particular situation or you can’t find conclusive answers on a complex subject, your HR Advisor is only a phone call or email away. You never need to make decisions in a vacuum.
  7. Online Training for Your Workforce – Our e-learning program makes it easy to meet mandated training requirements, from assigning coursework to tracking employee completion. Choose from more than 100 expertly-created courses, from workplace safety to state-specific sexual harassment training.

Plus, Get Backroom Assistance with Large, Tricky HR Projects

Perhaps you have a complex strategic project to tackle—such as figuring out how to reduce turnover. Perhaps you just don’t have the resources to handle routine tasks like onboarding and offboarding. Either way, your EPAY HR Advisor is there to help—for a fraction of the cost of an outside consultant.

For example, some commonly-outsourced projects include:

  • Updating job descriptions
  • Performing employee classification reviews
  • Conducting FSLA and I-9 compliance audits
  • Coaching managers on how to handle delicate situations

You don’t need to delay important compliance-related improvements because you don’t have the time or expertise, because your HR Advisor is available on demand.

Resolve Worries and Weaknesses, Once and for All

One of the most unsettling aspects of labor compliance is that, often, you don’t know you have a problem until it’s too late. Because EPAY’s Compliance Essentials puts an arsenal of safeguards and best practices firmly in place, your management team will feel confident that you are taking every precaution.

Best of all, you can do it without adding to your HR department’s workload.

EPAY’s Compliance Essentials solution is available exclusively to EPAY HCM and TLM customers. If you’re a customer and want to know more, please contact your Account Manager. If you’re not yet a customer, but you’d like to learn more, start here.

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