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EPAY Systems Introduces New HCM Analytics, Giving Employers a Roadmap for Improving the Bottom Line

March 10, 2020 - minute read

For Immediate Release

March, 2020

Chicago, IL – EPAY Systems, the fast-growing Chicago tech company that provides Human Capital Management (HCM) software to employers with a distributed, hourly workforce, has announced the release of its new HCM analytics solution. The ready-to-use software gives employers visibility into workforce behaviors and HR practices, so they can improve their operations—and their bottom lines.  

“HR analytics is a powerful tool,” says EPAY CEO Frank Ruffolo, “but until now, many employers haven’t had access to it, especially those managing an hourly workforce.”

“Our complete analytics module is a smart, affordable solution to custom-built software that costs a fortune and takes months to develop.”

In a nutshell, EPAY’s user-friendly dashboard reveals an operation’s strengths and weaknesses, compiling data generated by the employer’s use of EPAY’s accompanying HCM platform. The metrics are translated into at-a-glance graphics, including tables, pie charts, and other interactive visualizations that yield eye-opening insights employers can act on.

For example, its recruiting metrics help HR departments target their hiring activities more effectively, by revealing where their most and least successful new hires are coming from and forecasting future hiring needs.

Similarly, its turnover metrics offer a path to improving retention, by uncovering turnover rates, reasons for leaving, and average tenure for each of the employer’s worksites and supervisors, so employers know where to take corrective action.

A unique feature of EPAY’s analytics is that it reveals opportunities for lowering labor costs and improving compliance, tracking essential time and labor KPIs like missed punches, overtime, and manager-changed timecards (a common compliance violation). Because data is presented for each supervisor and worksite, employers can quickly remedy payroll waste and noncompliance.

In addition, profitability-minded CFOs will find the software’s productivity metrics particularly valuable. These measure labor costs and FTEs against sales and operating expenses, calculating the company’s human capital ROI.

The analytics module also includes a management overview, so employers can quickly review each manager’s hiring rates, turnover stats, overtime costs, etc., as well as a ‘heat map’ that reveals the company’s most problematic worksites at a glance.

“Today, businesses need every edge they can get,” notes Ruffolo. “For companies that operate on razor-thin margins, analytics are an invaluable tool for improving profitability.”

EPAY’s analytics package is offered in conjunction with its HR, payroll and time and labor platform, which is the market leader for employers with an hourly, distributed workforce. See a demo of our new HCM Analytics!

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