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EPAY Systems Named Top 10 Workforce Management Provider 2017 by HR Tech Outlook Magazine

December 1, 2017 - minute read

Chicago, IL - November, 2017 – EPAY Systems, the leading provider of time and labor management technology for enterprises with an hourly workforce, was named one of HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Workforce Management Solution Providers of 2017.”

Noting how increased government labor regulations, high turnover and limited access to analytics are creating efficiency challenges for employers, HR Tech Outlook identified those technological solutions that most help companies improve productivity by offering advanced workforce management capabilities.

Naming EPAY’s cloud-based workforce management system to its Top 10 list, the publication cited EPAY’s ability to track and manage hourly, decentralized employees, while controlling labor costs, improving wage and hour compliance and increasing operational efficiencies.

Recognizing Top Workforce Management Solutions

The award-winning providers were evaluated by a distinguished panel comprised of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts, including HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board.

Among EPAY’s strengths are its patented data collection devices—including biometric time clocks and an innovative mobile time tracking app with GPS and facial recognition—which employers can mix and match to manage 100% of their workforce. In addition, EPAY was noted for its advanced workforce management tools and easy access to valuable workforce analytics.

“It’s my honor to include EPAY Systems in our Top 10 list for this year’s best Workforce Management Solutions Providers,” said Hanna Wilson, Editor-in-Chief of HR Tech Outlook.

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About EPAY Systems

In addition to its acclaimed time and labor management solution, EPAY Systems is a leading SaaS provider of integrated human capital management technology and services designed to ease the HR burden of mid to large businesses.  

“We help employers manage every aspect of human resource management,” says Michelle Lanter Smith, CMO of EPAY Systems. “But our specialty is helping employers manage the hourly, decentralized workforce in ways that haven’t been done before.”

Headquartered in Chicago, EPAY Systems delivers HR solutions to over 75,000 worksites worldwide, including leaders in the janitorial, staffing and construction industries. For more information, please visit EPAYsystems.com or call 877-800-3729.

About HR Tech Outlook

Published in Fremont, California, HR Tech Outlook is a print magazine that brings technological solutions, news and product trends to CHROs and other HR professionals, addressing key organization issues such as growth, cost reduction, differentiation and operational efficiency. For more information, visit http://www.hrtechoutlook.com/.

For more information about EPAY’s receipt of this award, see HR Tech Outlook’s profile of EPAY WFM.

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