Get H(app)y: EPAY’s New HCM Mobile App Is on the Way

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Need to check on that check? Well, that won’t be a problem!

It’s hard to imagine there was a time when everyone had to take pen to paper to balance their checkbooks. True story, Gen Z!

Today, mobile banking is as common as beach towels near an ocean on a warm summer day.

At EPAY, we know your workers expect the same convenience when it comes to payroll, especially when they want easy access to things like their paychecks, benefits and more. Essentially, they want access to that info whenever and wherever they might be. 

Not too much to ask, right?

As part of our continuing effort to enhance our already-robust product offerings, EPAY is pleased to announce we will be launching our new mobile app for human capital management (HCM) soon. HCM users will be able to get the same information in the palm of their hands on the app as they would on their desktop or laptop computers. Literally. That means easier access to employee portal, no need to open up a browser, bookmark, etc.

EPAY HCM Mobile allows users to access important information from anywhere cellphone service or Wi-Fi is available. OK, it’s true, you’re probably not going to get cell service in Antartica, but hopefully you’ll be able to get on some Wi-Fi while you’re there or find a friend’s hotspot.

Besides the benefit of automatic updates, EPAY HCM Mobile app users can access their:

  • Benefits summary
  • HR support contacts
  • Important documents
  • Pay stubs and history
  • Personal contact and employee information
  • Time off requests
  • And much more!

Managers will like it, too, because they can approve time-off requests, easily review employee details and more.  

Keep an eye out for the new EPAY HCM Mobile app; you’ll be h(app)y you did! 

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