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Employer Branding Strategies for the Hourly Workforce

June 16, 2021 - minute read

According to official sources, millions are currently unemployed and seeking workso why are so many businesses having such a hard time finding and keeping enough qualified workers? Surely, there’s something we’re missing.

When it comes to recruiting, hiring and employee retention, hourly workforce employers have unique hurdles to consider—especially since the pandemic has permanently changed the labor market, altered the nature of most industry jobs, and left turnover at an all-time high.

If you’ve been attempting to advance your recruiting efforts, and still aren’t getting the desired hiring or retention results… you may need to focus on improving your employer branding strategy. After all, your business’s image plays a huge factor in whether or not someone want to pursue employment and stay long-term.

Does Employer Branding Really Matter?

Employer branding encompasses all the strategies you implement to influence your business’s reputation among job seekers, your active employees, collaborators, stakeholders, and your fellow industry leaders. Whether it’s reviews on a professional website, internal employee referral programs, or just employees’ experiences spreading by word-of-mouth—all contribute to employer branding.

To put its relevance in perspective: 70% of candidates now research a company’s reputation before applying for a job. Social media platforms and professional websites like Glassdoor, Capterra, Trustpilot, etc. offer insight into your operation and help employees evaluate whether or not to engage with you as a potential employer.

No matter how your company’s name is brought up, you want your reputation to shine and entice workers to want to join your operation. In the end, investing in your branding will gain you access to better candidate pools, save you time on recruiting, and leverage your employee referral programs for the better.

Branding Strategies for the Hourly Workforce

Building a good brand reputation requires you to invest in the way your operation is perceived. Your company’s mission, vision and values should be perceivable and enhance your employee value proposition to draw candidates’ attention and keep employees longer!

Here are some suggestions for creating a successful employer branding strategy:

  • Invest in appealing and consistent branding. Marketing your business consistently across all social media channels & review websites, press, industry outlets & newsletters helps legitimize your operation and make you more memorable to candidates who are deciding between employers.
  • Be clear on how your business is unique from others in your industry. Include the policies, programs, rewards, and benefits that are unique to your organization. Candidates will be looking for what sets you apart from competing employers.
  • Make the application process as smooth and memorable as possible. This will not only encourage candidates to complete the application process, but lead them to anticipate a positive experience moving forward, as well.
  • Drive employee referrals in a positive way. Advocacy from your employees is one of the simplest but most effective ways to attract other qualified candidates. Testimonies from current employees speaks volumes to the potential candidates, especially ones they’ve worked with before or know personally!
  • Offer worker wellness and training programs. Show your employees you value them by helping advance their professional skills and offering them access to resources aimed at supporting work/life balance and personal health. Allowing individuals to choose how they want to grow personally and professionally will come back to benefit your employer brand.
  • Find ways to introduce new hires to your company culture. 54% of workers have stayed at a job longer when they felt a strong sense of belonging. To ensure new hires get a positive first impression, it’s a good idea to commit to a long-term onboarding process and plan stress-free ways to help immerse employees into new teams and the various aspects of your operation. Consider ice-breakers, celebrating successes as groups, and one-on-one mentoring.
  • Keeping making continual efforts on behalf of your employees: You need long-term plans to help reinforce a positive employer brand throughout your employee’s life cycle. Consider having managers check in with new hires or wavering team members to gauge how they are feeling towards your company culture, as well as conduct exit interviews for those who are leaving. Small changes based on feedback could lower turnover and shift your entire employer brand for the better.

The better you position your organization, the more chances you will have to recruit elite candidates and earn a reputation as a top-tier employer.

Hiring Made Easy

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Our Human Capital Management (HCM) platform hosts recruiting and applicant tracking tools that integrate with the most popular job boards and leading social network sites, so you can maximize your company’s exposure and draw top talent in with positive business branding. From there, you can convert applicants information right into new hire records!

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