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Employer Apps Are Key to Employee Experience and Engagement

April 28, 2021 - minute read

A lot has changed in the past year, but one thing has remained the same: the importance of nurturing a positive employee experience. According to Forbes’ 2020 HR Sentiment Survey, 50% of HR and Business leaders made ‘employee experience’ their top initiative last year.

With uncertainty continuing to threaten operational stability and workforce security for many major industries, ensuring a positive employee experience has become key to retaining your employees, recovering from COVID-related setbacks, and retaining a competitive edge for the future.

But how do you ensure the best possible experience for your employees? Employer apps could be the secret to success.

Apps Are Key to Employee Experience

Research has shown that employees desire for their interactions with businesses to reflect the technology they use in their personal lives. By offering something like an app that your workforce can download directly onto their smartphones, you offer a way for them to manage many of their own needs with greater expediency, ease and transparency.

Employer apps have the capacity to do things like ease employee onboarding, assist with benefits administration or payroll, or track time and attendance from virtually anywhere. They help keep your employees engaged, connected to one another, and productiveall while giving them greater autonomy within your operation.

Benefits of Using Employer Apps

While it’s no surprise that apps can alleviate manager stress and aid your HR team in their core duties, their effects on employee experience go beyond workforce management. Employer apps can boost morale, contribute to your unique company culture, and unify your workforce in a variety of ways.

Consider these additional ways employer apps can benefit your employee-focused initiatives:

  • They offer a more customized employment experience. In order to set your employees’ experience apart from other businesses in a positive way, you need solutions that are tailored to your workforce’s needs. Customizable apps help your operation evolve by acknowledging and targeting the unique challenges of your hourly operation. This leads to greater functional support and ease in your employees’ day-to-day lives.  
  • They allow for greater collaboration between your employees and your business. Good employers take into account what their employees think. They listen to suggestions seeking to help employees fulfill their roles and welcome input on how to make operations run more smoothly. With employer apps uniting the different areas of your operation, your employees can weigh in on the various items that impact them. That way, they’re able to help communicate what’s best for them without undermining critical business objectives… leading to a better employee experience.
  • They give employees flexibility. Businesses have had to evolve and tackle unprecedented obstacles in the last year, but finding ways to be more flexible towards employees has presented one of the more significant challenges. As employees continue to need assistance with matters like unusual scheduling or FMLA leave, being able to swap shifts or check on PTO availability from a phone app is huge asset to improving employee experience. It authorizes employees to communicate their needs and feel secure taking action.
  • They ease employee burnout. Employer apps often offer ways to streamline things like talent acquisition, performance management and training—all of which play a key role in building up a dependable workforce. As you bring on new hires and invest in existing employees, employer apps can be used to teach and upskill individuals quickly. This helps employees feel more prepared for their role and trust your investment in their development. It encourages individual growth and keeps your workforce from getting stretched too thin.

Given the wide range of capabilities these tools allows for, the benefits to employee experience are largely immeasurable. For more information, check out, “Things to Look for in a Mobile Time Tracking App.”

Mobile Apps & HR Portals That Put Employees First

When you have an hourly workforce manning your operation, you need a dependable way to manage the relationship from both sides. With employees who are often on the move and switching between multiple locations, being able to offer more than one method is even better.

EPAY Systems prides itself on offering a Mobile App as part of our unified human capital management solution. Our tool allows your workers to clock in and out of work easily right from their device. It’s user-friendly, convenient, and safeguards employees’ healthy during the era of social distancing.

In addition to our app, our Employee Portal also allows your employees easy access to onboarding and enrollment documents, benefits information, wage records, and more. By encouraging the use of self-service options, you put power back in the hands of your employees while optimizing your operational efficiencies.

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