Employee Authorized Time Card Changes – New State Requirements

November 18, 2020 - minute read

The state of New Hampshire has updated their wage and hour requirements to include stricter regulations of certain employee management practices. More specifically, the state is requiring employers to get permission from employees when making changes to employee time records. This action, also known as “punch change approvals”, are when employees authorize changes made to their time cards.

While it isn’t a new concept, many hourly employers are not yet prepared for this requirement or its legislation to reach their state. With the potential for misdemeanors and penalties of up to $2,000 and/or up to one year in jail per violation, it has become beneficial to view such regulations as imminent and plan to manage new practices proactively.

Let’s discuss how punch change approvals work, how using them could benefit your hourly workforce, and how technology can help optimize the process.

Punch Change Approvals: Is It Required?

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), most states still allow employers to change employee time records so long as the records accurately reflect time actually worked. While there are certain situations that justify the need for a time change by a manager, you must still take great care in managing the process to avoid costly lawsuits.

In light of emerging state laws and growing litigation claims, punch change approvals have emerged as the safeguard for employers. Even if your business is not yet required to have employees sign off on punch changes, using this system offers a dependable solution on many fronts.

Benefits of Punch Change Approvals

For hourly employers, punch change approvals offer a secure method for managing record changes for employees. Managers need to be able to edit timecards when employees fail to punch in or out during the workday without your business running the risk of a lawsuit. By requesting employees to sign off on their altered punches, you are able to keep more accurate time and attendance records, maintain transparency between necessary parties, and prevent potential lawsuits.

Punch change approvals help with nurturing trust between your hourly employees and you. It sets up a system where employees are actively made part of the process of safeguarding time collection records and preserving payroll accuracy.

Time & Attendance Software to Ease Punch Change Approvals

While it’s a reasonable adjustment to increase accuracy and prevent unnecessary legal claims, carrying out punch change approvals can be frustrating without the right workforce management system. EPAY’s flexible time and attendance software helps businesses avoid unauthorized changes and uphold related compliance with ease.

Our system can track changes made within your time collection records and audit those reports regularly. In addition to formal analytics, our standard reports allow you to identify timecard changes (by worksite, manger, employees) and take corrective action immediately. In the event of a lawsuit or investigation, you’ll have all the data you need to prove your business is handling changes compliantly.

For more information on how EPAY handles punch change approvals, check out our blog, “Maintain Timecard Compliance by Avoiding Unauthorized Timecard Changes.” Or, check out a tour of our workforce management system and request a personalized demo today!

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