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Cannabis Industry: 7 Reasons to Onboard with EPAY

July 24, 2019 - minute read

onboarding cannabis complianceWanting the benefits of an HR specialist without the cost of hiring one? If your cannabis business is struggling with hiring and onboarding, chances are it’s affecting your compliance. Proper standards for hiring, I-9 verification, employee classification, benefits enrollment, and training often fall to the wayside despite the heightened risks and costs of replacing employees in your industry.

In truth, most human resource positions in the cannabis industry are filled by someone whose primary position has nothing to do with HR. State-level regulations, in addition to federal standards, can be a lot to handle on top of hiring, onboarding, and training new employees if you’re not an expert. Without an HR professional to specialize in compliance law and navigate operational regulations, you face expensive compliance fees, high rates of turnover, and even worst-case scenarios like losing your business.

If you’re looking for better results without wanting to hire a full-time HR specialist, EPAY’s workforce management system offers a complete solution.

Reasons Why EPAY Should Be Your New HR Manager:

  1. Better Hiring: EPAY’s human capital management allows you to integrate your open jobs with leading job boards while continuing to manage and track applicants. Features like question screening, keyword and applicant tagging, and access to consultants enhance your ability to manage and identify strong candidates as they move through your pipeline. Hiring has never been more accessible and easier-to-use.

  2. Efficient Interviewing: Our applicant tracking system includes video interviewing, email and SMS messaging templates, and mobile accessibility for optimal communication with candidates. Stay on top of all your top contenders and make sure all their needs are prioritized and answered in a timely manner. With our system, you won’t ever have to wonder what’s going on with your open positions.
  3. I-9 Compliance: EPAY offers new hire onboarding with electronic I-9 and e-verify features for your industry’s needs specifically. Penalties for substantive violations, including failing to produce an I-9 form, range from $110 to $1,100 per violation. Repeat offenders or individuals who knowingly employ unauthorized individuals pay a lot more: up to $16,000 per violation. With EPAY, your employees will be able to more easily complete the necessary forms to obtain employment with your business.
  4. Benefits Compliance: Our self-service portal not only allows your employees access to open enrollment, it gives you real-time regulation for your OSHA, ACA, EEO, Worker’s Compensation compliance needs. Consistent compliance with as little hassle as possible is our way of making sure your new hires trust they are entering into a safe, healthy, and accountable environment. Having those safeguards in place puts both you and your employees at greater ease, a key ingredient in employee retention.
  5. Optimized Training: Training is one of the last gestures employees receive from an HR specialist during onboarding. However, training requires interactive and consistent mediums to be fully effective. EPAY’s skills, education, and performance tracking features help you navigate which new employee’s skills are lacking and what the best options are for filling them in. That could mean checking the certifications or status of other workers they could learn from, uploading training modules for them to watch, and more. 
  6. Classification Flexibility: Do you employ contractors, full-time, and part-time employees? Does your business span multiple states? Do any of your employees perform two different roles? The answers to all these questions drastically impact your benefits, payroll, and tax-filing. EPAY’s flexible solution allows for customization to lower liability risks and ensure your employees are managed effortlessly. Our system automatically adjusts pay, tax requirements, and garnishments for flawless processing.
  7. HR Consulting Services: We offer on-call services and access to professional HR consultants as part of our solution. 15-minute consultations on how to manage tough HR situations, as well as monthly projects to keep your management compliant, ensures there’s always a specialist you can turn. Our consultants conduct HR training classes on things like I-9 procedural recommendations, OSHA compliance, writing job descriptions, and recruitment practices to make sure you're always operating with confidence. 

Choose EPAY Today

Is that all? Not even close. EPAY is taking on the cannabis industry as the only human capital management solutions built specifically with hourly, distributed workforce in mind. Our features go above and beyond to ensure your cannabis benefits, payroll, and scheduling overcome every compliance hurtle with ease. Ready for EPAY to become your in-house HR specialist? Watch our two-minute demo!

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