Advantages of RFID Time Clocks for Employers

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While an employer must maintain a system for accurate recording of employee work hours, advances in technology have greatly simplified the process. With an RFID time clock system, business owners can monitor employee hours with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). These systems are seamless and  extremely accurate.

Implementing an RFID attendance tracking system allows employers and managers to evaluate productivity by identifying workers who arrive on time, late, leave early or are frequently absent.

These time tracking systems replace older time and attendance systems, automatically storing data, while providing a clear view of issues such as unscheduled or excessive breaks that are hidden with a less advanced system.

RFID time clocks have a multitude of benefits, a significant one being that they eliminate the need for multiple cards. This is because the cards that employees use for access control can be programmed into RFID time clocks.

  • Faster and more secure method of recording attendance than swipe or scan cards.
  • Accurate data stored and easily accessed for payroll purposes.
  • Secure systems that do not expose employee data.
  • Minimize risk of buddy punching

RFID Based Employee Attendance Tracking System

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology uses radio waves to read information stored on a tag or label. The tags have both a transmitter and a receiver as well as microchip to store information. A receiver, also known as a reader or interrogator, sends a signal to the label and the label responds by sending the information stored. This is relayed to the software where it is stored.

These systems are also used in retail settings to track inventory. Now RFID tags are incorporated into ID cards, key fobs or other devices to be used for timekeeping.

EPAY Systems’ Walter S18 RFID Reader

Walter S18 RFID Reader is the most secure of its kind, using the RF-521L it’s compatible with various RFID card types. A few compatible RFID card types are:

  • ISO 15693: Read UUID & Block Read/Write
  • ISO 14443-A: Read UUID & Block Read/Write
  • ISO 18092: Read UUID & Block Read/Write
  • ISO 14443-A: Read UUID Only
  • ISO 14443-B: Only Read UID

Any of these cards that are used for access control can be easily configured to work with the WalTer S18 Time Clock.

EPAY Systems: Advanced RFID Solutions

EPAY Systems provides solutions for midsize to large companies to improve efficiency and streamline HR functions.  If you’re interested in exploring how RFID technology can help your improve time tracking, schedule a demo to see how this system could benefit your enterprise.

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