6 Ways to Tell if EPAY's HCM Is a Good Match for Your Business

May 3, 2019 - minute read

6 Ways to Tell if EPAY's HCM Is a Good Match for Your BusinessIf you’re one of the many employers shopping for new HR and payroll software, you have an overwhelming number of choices--and EPAY’s HCM system is one of them. However, we’re the first to admit: it’s not for everyone. How do you know if it’s a good choice for you?

Your time is valuable. Frankly, ours is, too. Rather than dazzle you with some fancy footwork, we’d prefer to tell you straight-up which businesses benefit most from our HCM platform—and why that is.

That way, in just a few minutes, you can determine if EPAY HCM deserves further consideration. You can use our criteria to evaluate other HCM systems, too. So, without further ado, here are six straightforward indicators that EPAY HCM may be a smart choice for your business.

1. You Manage a Predominantly Hourly Workforce

Unlike most HR software, our system was designed for employers managing an hourly, blue-collar workforce—like those in the businesses services, manufacturing, and construction industries, as well as government agencies.

Why? Because our time and labor management (TLM) solution—the crown jewel of our HCM platform—can track time and attendance for hourly workers where other systems fall short. Furthermore, its advanced workforce management tools—like labor budgeting instruments, real-time alerts, and a host of time-theft deterrents—give employers greater insight and controls.      

Bottom line: if you manage an hourly workforce, you probably operate on very slim margins. When employers switch to our workforce management system, labor costs typically drop by up to 5% or more. (We’d be happy to show you how.

2. You Have a Mandate to Leverage HR Analytics

Nearly two-thirds of employers rate people analytics as a high priority, but less than 10% have usable data, according to Deloitte. Unlike some of our competitors, our system allows employers to access valuable HR data with ease. 

Furthermore, we offer you something no one else can: a Workforce Performance Indicator Dashboard, complete with reports and scorecards that reveal at-a-glance how various segments of your workforce are doing.

We believe HR analytics should help employers improve compliance, streamline processes, and of course, cut costs. (One of our customers is saving $1,000,000 per year through analytics—see how.) If you’re hungry for actionable analytics, we may be for you.

3. You Manage a Mid-Size to Enterprise Level Workforce

While some HCM vendors employ a one-size-fits-all approach, we don’t pull punches: our system works best for large and mid-sized enterprises. Our average client size is 1,400 employees; our largest client has 125,000 employees. We’re best equipped to serve employers with hundreds or thousands of hourly employees. Is that you?

4. It’s Complicated—Your Workforce, That Is

Maybe you juggle multiple union contracts and compliance challenges, like employers in the construction industry. Or maybe your people work split shifts at varying pay rates, like in janitorial services. Perhaps your workforce is mobile. Or widely distributed over dozens of worksites in multiple states.

In other words: it’s complicated.

If this sounds like your workforce, we should talk. Because while many HCM platforms are too rigid to accommodate such variables, our ultra-flexible system was designed especially for them. It’s our sweet spot. 

5. Your CIO is a Stickler about Cloud Security

All employers expect security when it comes to SaaS-based systems, but some are more specific in their requirements. If that’s you, we’re on the same page.

For example, our time and labor management solution is the only such system to hold FedRAMP Ready status. That means we meet the rigorous cloud security standards required of federal government agencies. In order to qualify:

  • We strengthened our system to meet more than 350 mandated security standards.
  • Our employees obtained—and continue to obtain—advanced security and awareness training.
  • We continually conduct extensive security assessments and scans, while maintaining 99.95% server uptime. 

While our FedRAMP certification allows us to bid on government work, it benefits corporate employers, too. Need us to talk to your CIO? No problem.

6. Customer Service Really—No, Really—Matters to You

Every HCM provider claims that it offers “great service.” However, we are one of very few providers that offer live 24/7/365 support as part of our standard package. Our highly-trained support technicians are available to answer questions and solve problems any time, every day—by phone, email or live chat. And yes, it’s free.

Want proof that our customers love us? Consider this:

  • We have a steady 97% customer retention rate.
  • Our first customer remains our customer today.
  • We’ve been growing at a rate of 34% since 2013.

Can your current HR software provider say that?

Where Do We Go from Here?

At this point, you should have a pretty good idea if EPAY’s HCM solution might be a great match for you. If it is, you know what to do next: reach out, schedule a demo, and find out what we can do for your business.

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