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5 Ways HR Software Can Improve Client Retention

August 15, 2019 - minute read

customer retention2If you’re managing an hourly, distributed workforce, chances are you’re also managing some sort of client relationships. Running a successful business requires maintaining and optimizing those relationships. When done correctly, it elevates client retention and loyalty, and generates revenue growth for your business.

However, the bar for customer satisfaction is constantly rising.  According to Gartner, Inc. 89% of businesses expect to compete primarily based on customer experience in 2019. Given the labor shortage and baseline difficulties you face with an hourly, distributed workforce, you not only need your workforce to stand out… you need it to push your business ahead of the competition. To a great extent, the key lies in the hands of your HR department—and by extension, in the effectiveness of your HR software.

Third-party HR providers as well as powerful HR software solutions provide a means for maintaining and growing client satisfaction. Consider our top five HR software solutions for retaining clients, by better aligning your workforce with your clients’ needs.

5 HR Software Solutions for Enhancing the Customer Experience

1. Effective Applicant Tracking Software: There are many steps involved in providing the ideal workers to your clients. Since you’re undoubtedly facing high turnover, coming up short- either in terms of number of workers you can provide or their skill levels- can seriously damage your business’s reputation. By using recruiting and applicant tracking software, you can effortlessly integrate with job boards, identify and track top candidates, and hire with confidence and speed. The right HR hiring solution will ensure your customers’ experience never falls short of your service level agreements.  

2. An Online Learning Management Solution (LMS): HR’s onboarding and training protocols set the standard for employee performance. If you’re skimping on training or struggling to fully prepare each of your employees for their roles, the results can be catastrophic with regards to your clients’ experience. Utilizing an online learning management solution takes the pressure off of your HR team and provides your workforce with easy access to training videos and performance tracking functions. When you can measure the skills and progress of your workers’ training, you are better equipped to deploy employees who are fully prepared to meet your clients’ expectations.

3. Quick, Accurate Scheduling Software: The proficiency of your employee scheduling capabilities directly affects your ability—as well as your clients’—to complete projects, maintain margins, and deliver the best possible experience. Having the ability to identify quick solutions for no-shows, sick employees, and scheduling errors builds your clients’ trust and validates their investment in your services. By using automated scheduling software, schedules are more accurate and less likely to need changes. Furthermore, powerful scheduling software includes swapping and bidding capabilities—which give workers more say over their schedules--timesheet verification, and proximity/qualification features, which allow you to identify the best substitutes for last-minute replacements. And it helps clients avoid unplanned overtime costs as well!  

4. A Client Portal: Communication is equally key for successful vendor-client relationships. Without it, you may not be on the same page as your clients regarding the roles your employees fill, what exactly is required to complete an operation, or unexpected issues that may arise and require swift action. Using HR software solutions like a client portal gives your clients’ insight and influence over employee scheduling, allows them to verify workers’ wages, and provides a vehicle for easy, anytime communication. The clearer your insight, the easier it will be to set clear expectations and achieve them. 

5. An Employee Portal: At the end of the day, happy employees help create happy clients. However, with staggering rates of turnover and the overwhelming labor shortage, keeping employees happy—and keeping them, period—requires some effort.  An HR portal that provides employees with easy access to ongoing training, weekly schedules, benefits information, and payroll records helps employees feel valued and keeps them engaged. Put simply, your employees are the face of your company. When you can retain productive employees, you retain clients, too.

Easier with EPAY

At EPAY Systems, we put our clients first so they can better serve their clients. Our seamless, all-in-one Human Capital Management (HCM) solution unites all of your HR and workforce management needs into one, easy-to-use platform. Our system is built to handle the complex needs of hourly, distributed workforces like yours. Need applicant tracking, benefits administration, and payroll? We’ve got it. Looking for optimized onboarding, training, scheduling, and performance management solutions? We’ve got those too.  

For help improving your workforce--and by extension, client retention--watch our two-minute tour. Better yet, sign up for our upcoming webinar, “Strategies to Combat the Labor Shortage: How to Retain Your Workers and Keep Your Clients.


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