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5 Tech Questions Every Manufacturing Company Needs to Answer to Plan for 2021

December 14, 2020 - minute read

In the time of COVID-19, manual processes just can’t keep up. For hourly workforce employers, the pressure to update outdated technologies has become even greater. According to Forrester’s 2021 predictions, manufacturers will have to double down on technology enabling flexibility, resilience, and innovation in order to emerge successfully in 2021 – especially for those still using labor-intensive HR or workforce management processes.

Failing to optimize the right tools could inadvertently create more obstacles for your business in the new year. Here are 5 questions to consider as you assess your solutions and seek to leave hindering workforce management behind in 2020.

1. Does your time tracking system allow real time insight into your workforce?

Time tracking is critical for an hourly, manufacturing workforce, and if you’re still using a manual process– such as paper punch cards—you run a much higher risk of triggering compliance missteps, payroll errors, and blunders related to overtime and labor budgets. Using a cloud-based time and attendance system gives you the ability to track all relevant data, monitor employee performance, and hold managers accountable for things like altering employees’ time sheets. Needless to say, these systems are absolutely critical for maintaining accuracy and addressing mistakes in a timely manner.

2. Are your training efforts supported by a Learning Management System (LMS)?

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, having a Learning Management System (LMS) is a necessary and relevant asset for addressing the ongoing, unprecedented changes and training needs of your employees. This technology is specifically designed for the creation, administration, and documentation of educational content, certifications, instructive programs, and even crisis preparation procedures. An LMS provides a cost effective tool for educating your employees, all while keeping them safe and giving your business another competitive edge.

3. Are your hiring methods optimized by applicant tracking software (ATS)?

Your industry relies on recruiting and retaining talented workers in order to fulfill evolving production needs. With so many demand changes sure to continue in 2021, and the decline of the manufacturing workforce, it’s important that you stay on top of hiring by using an ATS. Applicant tracking allows you to pre-screen applicants, enhance skills assessments, review resumes/submissions, tag promising applicants, and record feedback on candidates to ensure you’ve got exactly the right talent as soon as you need it. Hiring the right workers will also help with overall workforce retention because it ensures your hires are truly the best fit.

4. Can you onboard your new hires remotely?

Like most other processes, the coronavirus pandemic has made basic hiring procedures like verifying employment eligibility, benefits registration, and training much more difficult and risky in a variety of ways. However, by using an onboarding solution, you can simplify the process, uphold social distancing effectively, and get your new hires up and running faster than ever. This technology utilizes digital and online forms, in addition to electronic signature capabilities, to ensure accurate tax reporting and I-9 compliance right from the start of each new hire.

5. Are last minute scheduling changes still costing your operation?

As a manufacturer, you understand that scheduling conflicts, unexpected absences, and COVID-related workforce shortages are inevitable. However, they don’t need to inhibit the success of your operation, as well. When you approach scheduling with a flexible, adaptable software system, you are able to reduce the stress and overall expenditures associated with the task. Scheduling solutions help manage workforce gaps that may arise, shift bidding and swapping, leave requests, timesheet signoffs, overtime requests, and more from one intuitive interface.

Effective Workforce Management for 2021

As you prepare your business for a new year, you need to make sure all your solutions are ready to fully support your goals. Hundreds of businesses with distributed, hourly employees like yours rely on EPAY Systems to assist them. Our workforce management software easily tracks and manages employees, even during the upheaval of a pandemic.

Our system can conform to any labor environment to ensure complete control of your workforce processes and related compliance. Check out our blog, “6 Ways to Tell if EPAY's HCM Is a Good Match for Your Business” to see how our software might transform your hourly workforce business. Prefer to see our solution in action? Take a quick tour and request a personalized demo today!

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