Top 3 Emerging Employee Benefits

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Use Popular Benefits to Lure Top Talent

Employee benefits are a key factor in attracting and retaining the best and brightest people for your organization. Therefore, many companies use employee benefits as a resource to help give job candidates that extra push to accept a position.

However, with so many employee benefit trends, it can be difficult to figure out where to begin and which benefits to offer your own employees. But the type of employee benefits that are offered can be the reason a candidate chooses a position at a different company over your own. The truth is, strong employee benefits not only influence future employees to accept a job offer at your company, but they also help keep your current employees happy and engaged.

Still, there is a negative connotation associated with competitive benefits. Employers often think this means more money. But, you really can offer premium benefits without the premium costs. 

Consider offering the following emerging benefits to your current workforce and future employees.

3 Emerging Employee Benefits

  1. Telemedicine and On-Site Clinics

Millennials demand and value convenience in all things, so why would healthcare be any different? Adding a telemedicine service to your health plan allows employees to consult with medical professionals remotely via video services like Skype. Even more convenient is placing a health care clinic at the worksite, another benefit some employers are starting to offer.  

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  1. Student Loan Assistance

With total national student loan debt reaching over $1 trillion, employees increasingly appreciate student loan repayment assistance as a benefit. This benefit will stand out to the many college graduates that are on the job search and can benefit companies looking to fill entry level positions.

  1. Voluntary Benefits

Many employee populations vary in age, interest, and need. With a voluntary benefits program, employees can take advantage of discounted group rates for nontraditional benefits like cybersecurity insurance or pet insurance, and cover the cost themselves through payroll deferral.


Employee benefits can be the reason a candidate accepts a job offer at your company. These 3 emerging benefits can help you attract the talent you need to run your business.

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