Mobile Time and Attendance Tracking for Construction:  Buyers’ Checklist

April 10, 2018 By Diana Cleveland - Leave a comment

Time Sheet Mobile time and attendance systems have advanced over the last few years, and that’s great news for the construction industry. Now, contractors can ditch those hand-scribbled timesheets, which are riddled with inaccuracies and time-consuming to process.

Construction mobile time tracking apps improve the time and attendance process in several ways. They curb time theft, which in turn lowers overall labor costs. Shockingly enough, one-quarter of surveyed workers admit to padding their work time most if not all of the time—and even responsible employees may round their minutes. It adds up, but not with mobile time and attendance technology. Because timekeeping data is collected electronically, there’s no room for workers to get creative.

And if you’re still using timesheets, upgrading to mobile time tracking will slash your payroll processing time. No more transcribing or inputting data: it’s automatically uploaded to a cloud-based system that flows into your payroll software.

But not all mobile time and attendance apps are created equal. If you’re new to mobile HR software—or if you want to confirm that your system is up to par—review our checklist of must-have features below. They’ll ensure your construction mobile time tracking app works as hard as you do. 

Mobile Time Tracking with Geo-tracking

It’s a given that mobile time and attendance apps have GPS tracking, so employers know where workers are when they punch in and out. The best apps take this a step further via geo-tracking. This feature allows employers to automatically capture a worker’s GPS location at pre-set times throughout the workday. If your people move between worksites, it verifies they’re where they should be at any point in time.

Mobile Time Tracking with Geo-fencing

It’s not-uncommon for workers on jobsites to forget to clock out—accidentally or by design—which makes it impossible to know when they really left work. Enter geo-fencing. With this feature, workers are automatically clocked out when they leave designated work areas. This saves foremen the hassle of trying to reconstruct the workday, while potentially lowering your payroll. 

Time and Attendance with Facial Recognition

Biometric technology—which verifies employee identity by measuring unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprints or facial features—is a popular feature of modern time clocks. That’s because biometrics are highly effective at stopping “buddy punching,” which is when one employee clocks in or out for another.

Now, the most advanced mobile time and attendance apps offer facial recognition technology, too. The app works by using regular smartphone cameras. It’s as fast and easy as tapping in a PIN, but much more effective at preventing time theft.

Time and Attendance with Real-time Alerts

Real-time alerts are invaluable when your supervisors can’t be everywhere. Instead, they can program the system to text or email them a heads-up when certain field activities happen or are about to, like when a worker is close to the overtime threshold or fails to clock in on schedule. Because they give you transparency you wouldn’t otherwise have, real-time alerts help keep jobs on schedule and within budget.

Mobile HR Software with Built-in Analytics

A cutting-edge mobile time and attendance system will also give contractors access to a range of useful reports that—like real-time alerts—provide unprecedented visibility into on-the-job behavior. You can view data by shift, crew and worksite. At a glance, you can see where OT costs are occurring…who has a tardiness issue…and even which foremen are making unauthorized changes to timecards.

Mobile Time Tracking with Flexible Task-tracking Capabilities

In construction, often one task can’t be undertaken until another is finished. Some advanced mobile time and attendance apps offer customizable fields that contractors can configure to track who’s doing what—and when. When workers are required to checkoff tasks as they complete them, you can see just how long each step takes each worker to complete.

Time and Attendance with Labor Budgeting Software

Some truly cutting-edge mobile time tracking apps are linked to built-in budgeting/job costing modules. These make it easy for contractors to automatically track actual labor costs by project, jobsite, phase and/or stage. Not only does this allow you to track your labor costs in real-time, it will allow you to bid more accurately on new jobs, because you’ll know exactly how much it costs to get certain jobs done. Knowledge is power!

Construction Mobile Time Tracking with Pay-as-You-Go Pricing

Chances are, your headcounts rise and fall with every project and season. If you’re locked into paying a fixed monthly fee, you may end up paying for more capacity than needed during slow periods. Look for mobile time tracking apps that charge on a per head/per month basis, and you’ll only pay for what you actually use.

Think these features would benefit your business? If you don’t yet have a construction mobile time and attendance app, or if the one you have is lacking key features, checkout EPAY’s Mobile PunchTM app. It offers all the above features—the ones contractors need most—plus free, premium, 24/7 customer service. Learn more: watch our quick video, and then request more information 

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