How HR Analytics Can Change the Way You Manage Your Hourly Workforce

February 08, 2018 By Amber Tenuta - Leave a comment

HR Workforce AnalyticsWhether you call it “HR analytics,” “workforce analytics” or “people analytics,” if you’re an HR professional, it’s undoubtedly one of your goals to use it more fully—especially if you manage hourly employees. After all, the industry has been buzzing about the benefits of HR analytics software for several years, especially when it comes to workforce management.

But talk is one thing, and taking action is another. According to Deloitte, while nearly three-quarters of employers rank workforce analytics a “high priority,” only eight percent say they’re actively using it.

That’s a huge gap. It suggests that, while employers know they should be using this powerful HR tech tool, for one reason or another, they haven’t taken the plunge.  

But isn’t it time you got on board? It doesn’t need to be hard. Beyond theory, leveraging HR analytics software can help your organization manage its hourly workforce more efficiently and cost-effectively in a number of measurably-important ways—including these. 

HR Analytics Software Can Improve Employee Time and Attendance

For employers managing an hourly workforce, basic time and attendance issues like tardiness, absenteeism and time theft continue to be daily challenges. Workforce analytics software can help you get a handle on these problems by not only crunching company-wide time and attendance data, but filtering information by worksite, shift and/or manager.

This allows employers to spot and fix problem areas quickly, even with a decentralized workforce. Are employees at a certain worksite frequently calling off? Are there patterns to your attendance problems? What segments of the workforce are performing well, and how can you duplicate these results elsewhere? When you manage an hourly workforce, time truly is money. Once you can measure it, you can manage it.

HR Analytics Software Can Reduce Overtime Costs

Similarly, workforce analytics software can make it easy to identify where and how your unplanned overtime is occurring, by pulling overtime data from your HCM system’s time and attendance and payroll modules.

Is a particular department chronically understaffed or poorly managed? Is it a matter of ineffective employee scheduling? Reports can help you find the answers. If costly overtime is an ongoing headache for your organization, regularly reviewing overtime analytics will help you get a handle on it.

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HR Analytics Software Can Improve Labor Compliance

When you’re managing an hourly workforce, maintaining wage and hour compliance is an ongoing challenge. Workforce analytics software can help you monitor vulnerable areas that frequently spark class-action lawsuits and violations.

Take meal breaks, for example. After all, a number of states require mandatory meal breaks of a fixed duration. Given that meal break litigation has been on the rise for several years, is it enough to ask your managers to spot check employee time cards to ensure that employees are taking their meal breaks as required?

We wouldn’t bank on it. However, workforce analytics software can allow you to monitor meal break activity in detail. It will even flag violations so you can address them swiftly. And in the event you’re slapped with a groundless lawsuit, your workforce management reports may very well be the heart of your defense.

HR Analytics Software Can Help You Manage Managers, Too

When your HR analytics software allows you to filter workforce management data by site and shift, it will also reveal a great deal about your field managers’ performance. You can identify top performers as well as areas where training or intervention is needed.

Furthermore, some HR analytics software yields insights into how managers are actually using—or misusing—your HCM system. For example, you should be able to pull reports that detail unauthorized time card and pay rate changes managers make, or track how long it takes them to close open punches and address issues that impact payroll.

Truly advanced workforce analytics software will even allow you to set key performance indicators (KPIs) by site and compile manager “scorecards.” If your managers are located remotely or if turnover is high, this can be a valuable training and assessment tool.   

Does Your HCM System Offer Meaningful HR Analytics Software?

Yes, people analytics are useful—and will only become more so over time. If your human capital management (HCM) system doesn’t offer the reporting capabilities you need, it’s time to upgrade to one that does. 

EPAY’s integrated HCM system includes extensive HR analytics software in our standard offering. You get a user-friendly dashboard that managers can customize to their preferences …a library of more than 1,200 standard reports…a custom report writer…and a range of filtering options that allow you to view your workforce management data through a variety of lenses.

In short, you’ll gain unprecedented visibility into your workforce. Best of all, our technology isn’t just affordable, it’s surprisingly easy to use. We designed it that way. 

Would you like more information? See how ISS Facility Services—one of the leaders in the janitorial industry—is using EPAY’s HR analytics software to improve compliance, reduce overtime expenses and run a tighter ship. Once you see what we’ve done for ISS, you’ll want to find out what we can do for you.

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