The Best HR Books to Keep Your Mind Sharp

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EPAY Book ClubAs great human resource managers as we are, we should never stop learning. Educating yourself regularly will help you gain momentum and recognition in the industry. The best way to continue your education is simple: read, read, read!

There are plenty of human resource management books out there that are written to enrich human resource skills and inspire you to be the best HR rep in the industry. There’s a book for just about every aspect of human resource management- books for strong company mission, leadership growth, developing great HR policies, and on and on!

To get started, I have gathered a list of my favorite and other highly reviewed HR management books. Let me know in the comments if I missed any!  

Understanding Human Resource Management

Written By: Ken N. Kamoche

If you’re looking to enrich your human resource skills this book is a good introduction. You should never miss an opportunity to update and grow your foundational HR knowledge and even for the HR pros maybe you’ll pick up a new trick or two!

Ken N. Kamoche’s book, Understanding Human Resource Management dives into the various influences that have shaped the human resource industry into what it is today. He tackles the tough divide between a company’s want for organizational performance and the need for humanization of work, and examines the 21st-century approach to HR.

A great read for any beginners in HR or as a refresher for all levels.

Mission: How the Best in Business Break Through

Written By: Michael Hayman and Nick Giles

All companies start with a company mission, so it makes sense that your HR education should too. Understanding and having a strong company mission is crucial for any human resource department.

Michael Hayman and Nick Giles’ book, Mission: How the Best in Business Break Through offers HR professionals a place to start improving their company mission. Giles and Hayman analyze the missions of some of the best brands in the industry right now such as Google and Airbnb. How are they defining their purpose? And how can you learn by example to implement a strong mission for your company?

This book is great for any HR rep looking to build a direction for their company. It’ll help you define what your company is and how to present it to new hires and current employees.

Start With Why

Written By: Simon Sinek

Before diving into HR policies and procedures, its good to know why you do the work that you do. That’s exactly the topic Simon Sinek tackles in Start With Why, founding an HR movement.

The book inspires employees and employers to become more inspired with their work. Why do you do the work you do? It’s more beneficial for a company to start with “Why” you do what you do instead of the “What” and “How” of your business. This inspires employees to be more connected with their work.

This philosophy is great for HR reps. Starting with “Why” will inspire pristine HR leadership and a solid foundation on which your company can grow. This is definitely a must-read HR book.

Achieving Excellence in Human Resources Management: An Assessment of Human Resource Functions

Written By: Edward E. Lawler lii and John W. Boudreau

If you’re looking for a way to perfect your HR process, this book is for you. Achieving Excellence in Human Resources Management: An Assessment of Human Resource Functions by Edward E. Lawler lii and John W. Boudreau analyzes HR data collected over 5 years and interprets it to create a better approach to HR.

The text examines how companies can have a more effective human capital. The overall result is some recommended changes to implement in human resources that will improve the industry significantly. This book will also give you some substantial best practices and organizational tips.

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How to Develop Essential HR Policies and Procedures

Written By: John H McConnell

Developing HR policies and procedures is a hassle. John H. McConnell’s, How to Develop Essential HR Policies and Procedures has a few tips on human resource organization, policy, and procedures  guaranteed to make your HR services more efficient.

From tips on compensation, benefits, fair and equal treatment, to terminations, and more. It’s an extraordinary guide to everything you need to know about HR policies.

Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

Written by: Liz Wiseman

Human resource managers need to be leaders. They need to establish themselves as a strong and confident force at the office. Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman is an intelligent resource for any HR rep looking to improve their leadership skills.

A fantastic leader will inspire new ideas in their colleagues, promote innovation, and keep momentum at an all-time high. These leaders create problem solvers and geniuses. These leaders are multipliers. This positive effect is the exact topic Wiseman tackles in her book. It’s the perfect text for any HR manager looking to be a solid force in their office.

And don’t forget to check out our eBook: Do We Have to Pay for That? 10 Common Wage and Hour Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them. With these human resources books in your HR toolbox, you’ll be an inspiring, confident, skilled human resource representative in no time. So, get reading and good luck!

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