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Must-Have HR Tools for the Hourly Workforce: Swapping and Bidding

June 28, 2019 By Emma Smith - Leave a comment

Managing an hourly workforce comes with a lot of unique challenges, but few can be as complicated or frustrating as scheduling. As many businesses extend their hours and expand their workforces to meet industry demands, scheduling has become a...

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Cannabis Series: Banking for an "Unbankable" Industry

June 12, 2019 By Emma Smith - Leave a comment

If you’re in the cannabis industry and have yet to find a bank willing to partner with your operations, you aren’t alone. Thousands of distributors and growers are still operating on a cash-only basis, managing payroll, sales, and income taxes...

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Guide to Managing Payroll Processing for Union Employees

May 28, 2019 By Emma Smith - Leave a comment

Payroll management for union contract workers is often complicated and unnecessarily stressful. If you aren't prepared to face the overwhelming guidelines and rules accompanying each contract, you risk a lot more than just company dollars. 

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Cannabis Industry Meets Human Capital Management

May 22, 2019 By Emma Smith - Leave a comment

The newfound legal status and economic mobility of cannabis has made it a multi billion-dollar industry. In fact, regulated marijuana sales in North America are projected to increase to 21.6 billion dollars by 2021, marking a 26% annual growth...

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2019 Guide: Choosing a Time and Attendance System

May 07, 2019 By Emma Smith - Leave a comment

There are many important decisions to make when running a business. One that is often overlooked is how to accurately track employee time and attendance. Time tracking systems are important because they directly impact payroll and, thus, the...

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The Ultimate Guide to Payroll Companies and How to Choose the Best One

April 30, 2019 By Emma Smith - Leave a comment

Payroll companies can provide you with the means to simplify workforce management while helping you reduce costs and retain visibility across your entire workforce. Working with the right payroll company can give your business what it needs to...

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Mandatory Overtime Laws in Each State Across the U.S.

April 23, 2019 By Emma Smith - Leave a comment

Every state has certain laws regarding mandatory overtime. It’s important to understand what the overtime laws in your state are to help you avoid issues with payroll and remain consistently compliant in your management practices.

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Wellness Programs: A New Competitive Edge

April 16, 2019 By Emma Smith - Leave a comment

There's been a cultural shift happening around employee wellness, one which requires business leaders to factor in the health of their employees as a part of their company's overall success. 

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HR Solutions by Company Size

April 10, 2019 By Emma Smith - Leave a comment

Regardless of age, industry, or number of employees, most human resource departments fulfill the same basic functions. But a company with 10 employees is not going to have the same needs as one with more than 1,000.  

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Embrace Rehiring with a Cyclical Workforce

April 04, 2019 By Emma Smith - Leave a comment

The stigma around rehiring has shifted from definitively negative to hesitantly positive over the past few decades. Employers are re-considering the benefits of welcoming back former employees despite pre-existing stigmas and pre-conceived...

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