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Anna Pajor, SPHR, is an Account Manager and HR Consulting Professional at EPAY System, where she works with clients on a day to day basis. Before EPAY she directed and managed in-house human resources, set up HR processes for startup companies, and developed as well as streamlined processes for clients through consulting services. She brings over 10 years of HR experience with a unique perspective gained from her work in business development to the EPAY blog. She is excited about writing for the EPAY blog and sharing valuable information with EPAY friends and customers.
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How to Train and Re-Skill Employees: Closing the Skills Gap in the Face of Automation

August 21, 2018 By Anna Pajor, SPHR - Leave a comment

The skills gap is looming even heavier with the front of digitization, automation and AI gathering in most industries, taking over unskilled labor positions, and the skilled labor positions do not have enough applicants with the necessary skills....

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The Best HR Books to Keep Your Mind Sharp

August 02, 2018 By Anna Pajor, SPHR - Leave a comment

As great human resource managers as we are, we should never stop learning. Educating yourself regularly will help you gain momentum and recognition in the industry. The best way to continue your education is simple: read, read, read!

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Employee Onboarding – From Orientation to First 90 Days

For most organizations, human capital is their single most valuable asset. As a company grows, HR and management are working hard to find, recruit and hire the right talent. However, finding and hiring qualified employees is only the beginning....

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