Advantages of Self-Funded Healthcare Plans: Is It Time to Switch?

June 22, 2017 By Amber Tenuta - Leave a comment

If your company is not already self-funding your health plan, chances are, you’re wondering if you should be. After all, health insurance premiums keep rising. The insurance marketplace continues to destabilize, shaken first by the Affordable...

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How to Implement an Effective Buddy Punching Policy

June 20, 2017 By Jordann Donskey - Leave a comment

Buddy punching can lead to major payroll inflation for your company, so how do you put a stop to it?

What is Buddy Punching?

Buddy punching is when an employee clocks in for another employee so it appears the employee they are clocking in for...

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How to Reduce Your Workers’ Compensation Costs

June 16, 2017 By Katie Badeusz - Leave a comment

Rising workers’ compensation costs are among many employers’ greatest concerns, as big-dollar claims continue to mount.

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Special Enrollment Period: What is Considered a Qualifying Life Event?

June 13, 2017 By Abby Baumann - Leave a comment

Life moves quickly—and things can change at the drop of a hat, especially when it comes to managing employee benefits. Yet, it’s likely your employees aren’t thinking about their benefit plans when they pop the question or plan a pregnancy.  

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Prevent Off-the-Clock Work Lawsuits with Time and Attendance & Biometric Time Clock Technology

June 12, 2017 By Amber Tenuta - Leave a comment

With a rise in off-the-clock work lawsuits occurring, companies need to assess how to mitigate potential lawsuits that could greatly affect their bottom line. Just recently an off-the-clock work lawsuit case developed at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport...

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5 Sessions Every HR Professional Should Attend During SHRM 2017

June 08, 2017 By Amber Tenuta - Leave a comment

SHRM Annual Conference & Expo is the largest conference for HR professionals to stay up-to-date about new HR trends and strategies and hear best practices from world renowned experts. If you’re a SHRM 2017 attendee, it is important to be...

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2018 ACA Required Contribution Percentages Released by the IRS

June 05, 2017 By Jordann Donskey - Leave a comment

Guidance Affects ACA's Premium Tax Credit & Individual Mandate Provisions

Consistent with prior guidance, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced adjustments to the required contribution percentages that will be used in 2018 to determine...

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When You Know It’s Time to Switch HCM Software Vendors

May 31, 2017 By Abby Baumann - Leave a comment

If your company has been using the same human capital management software for years, you may be reluctant to change for fear of opening a whole new can of worms. If your system has chronic problems and issues that require ongoing time and...

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6 Ways Attendance Tracking Software Can Save Your Business Money

May 25, 2017 By Abby Baumann - Leave a comment

If your company is looking for ways to save money—and whose isn’t?—consider updating your time and attendance tracking software. Between manual timekeeping errors, dated technology, payroll miscalculations, and various forms of time theft,...

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Mobile Workforce Management Trends

May 23, 2017 By Abby Baumann - Leave a comment

Without a doubt, portable devices have changed the way we operate in the 21st Century – in our personal lives as well as in business. Workforce mobility is the new trend among business enterprises looking to increase productivity and improve...

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